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Make a positive impression on Google results pages to generate traffic that trusts you.

Growth-minded Google reviews management services

Growth-minded Google reviews management services

Boosting consumer confidence starts with positive Google reviews for your brand. As one of the first touch-points you have with prospects, making sure your testimonials are positive and true is integral to the growth of your organization. Their prominence on SERPs and relevance to your customers means that one bad review could lead to a significant downfall in revenue.

With the eCommerce landscape offering more choice and transparency to consumers, are you doing everything you can to stand out and prove you’re the leading choice in your market? Positive reviews increase foot traffic to your physical place of business, online traffic to your website, more leads and a better overall brand impression. Take care of your reviews and your reputation with an Impressive partnership.

Responsive strategies that boost your performance

Responsive strategies that boost your performance

A well-managed Google reviews page could be a lead magnet for your organization, which is why it’s a key part of our services for marketing teams that are looking for both a proactive and a reactive approach to their reputation management. We restore integrity to your online profile by removing any false reviews that could impact your growth, and by providing the tools to manage negative mentions in future.

For teams that want to take action before they’re affected by negative feedback, Impressive uses leading technology that audits Google’s SERPs, social media and online articles to find references to your brand and make sure they’re purely beneficial. As your supportive partner, the Impressive team provides tailored ongoing advice and solutions to ensure your digital presence stays positive, by encouraging more reviews from happy customers and maintaining your Google My Business listing.

Instant impressions for long-term benefits

Instant impressions for long-term benefits

Customer perception is instant and can mean the difference between a prospect that leaks out of the funnel and one that becomes a long-term customer. That’s why investing in your reputation should be a priority for organizations. Consumers trust other consumers, and genuine positive reviews seal trust in your brand – something that helps organizations to naturally grow their customer base.

We take an integrated approach, with our in-house reputation experts teaming up with optimization and content strategists in order to build an overall positive online profile that generates leads and converts them into customers. So, whether your marketing team has a specific challenge or needs an overall reputation boost, our Google reviews management services are tailored to your objectives.



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Reputation management services

Take control of how your brand is perceived with our portfolio of reactive and proactive reputation management services that covers all essential platforms.

Enterprise reputation management
Enterprise reputation management

Make your authority work in your favor – not against it. Our enterprise reputation management is tailored to large organizations in competitive industries.

Facebook reviews management
Facebook reviews management

Your prospects head to social media to see what others are saying about you. Make sure your reviews are fair with our Facebook reviews management service.

Glassdoor reputation management
Glassdoor reputation management

Your employees’ experience with your organization impacts how others feel about you. Make sure your profile is truthful with Glassdoor reputation management.

Tripadvisor reviews management
Tripadvisor reviews management

We’ll take care of your Tripadvisor reviews management to encourage more visitors, leads and sales from high-value customers.

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Audit & analysis
A comprehensive audit

We’ll review all of your digital marketing channels and outline what’s working, and what needs to be improved.

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Unique growth strategy

We’ll share our approach, covering how we’d scale your marketing efforts – and how they relate to your objectives.

ROI projections
ROI projections

We’ll forecast the results you can expect from our growth strategy, as well as your investment and the KPIs involved to get you there.

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Why is Google reviews management important for my business?

Managing your Google reviews is crucial to protecting your website’s bottom line in the digital era. More people than ever are relying on reviews to help them make a decision about who to shop with, so ensure that yours present the most accurate and positive view of your company possible.

Google reviews appear prominently on search results next to your business name and are often a make or break moment for potential customers. If you’re searching for a plumber, and two are rated over 4.5 stars and one is below 3.0, you’re going to call the first two and forget you ever saw the third. Ensuring that your rating is as high as possible allows you to clear that first, vital hurdle on the way to an inquiry.

Secondly, Google reviews are given significant weight in rankings. For local SEO campaigns, a business’ ranking can make the difference between prominent placement on the Local Pack – complete with one-click call functionality on mobile – and being buried on page two, three or ten.

Google does not automatically delete reviews after a certain period of time. With reviews being such a key part of how potential customers judge a business, Google has ensured that legitimate reviews persist online for as long as possible. To delete a Google review, the business owner must flag the review and prove that it is fake or inappropriate to Google’s moderation team, who will then remove or hide the review at their discretion.

Additionally, it’s not possible for businesses to simply close their Google My Business page and have the reviews disappear. Once a Google My Business page has been created, it’s almost impossible to simply delete. Even marking the business as ‘Permanently Closed’ doesn’t delete the reviews, meaning business owners cannot simply recreate their Google My Business page under a slightly different trading name.

Bad quality Google reviews can have a definite negative impact on your keyword rankings, especially in your local area. Studies by SEO technicians have determined that Google places significant weight on a business’ reviews when determining where to display them in the results page. They play an even greater role in determining who shows up in the coveted three Local Pack spots.

A large number of bad reviews will definitely hurt your keyword rankings, but with unhappy customers more likely to leave a review than happy customers, it can be hard to start rebuilding your score. Impressive can consult with you on a range of tactics and strategies to encourage happy customers to leave reviews – talk to us today.

Repairing a Google reviews reputation takes time, effort and a clear strategy tailored to your needs. Every business and every business’ reputation is unique and requires a unique approach, which will affect how long the reputation repair process takes.

For businesses with severely damaged reputations, full repair could take as long as year. But even for businesses that are already reasonably well-positioned, it can be months before they begin to see the results they want from the campaign. This is largely because Google reviews reputation management requires changing the behavior of individual customers, encouraging them to leave good reviews when they have a positive experience with your business.

In most cases, this will be the only option. Google will only remove a review if it violates one of four guidelines – it’s spam or fake content, it’s off-topic, it’s illegal/offensive/sexually explicit, or it’s a conflict of interest (from a current or former employer or employee, or from a competitor).

Instead, you should rely on a quick response and some good customer service to get the review replaced. You yourself cannot edit the review, but if you’re able to comprehensively address the customer’s complaints and rectify the situation, they may be willing – but are under no obligation to – change their review.

In those cases, the best you can do is present your side of the story as a response to their review. Impressive can help you monitor for bad reviews and draft an appropriate response.

Choosing not to engage with unhappy clients is effectively giving them license to say whatever they want about your business.

Replacing or removing Google reviews is possible, but this is a process that you have to be involved in. With hundreds of millions of users writing billions of reviews, there’s no way Google is policing review content by themselves. Business owners are required to initiate the process by flagging fake or inappropriate reviews.

More generally, choosing not to engage with unhappy clients sends the message to potential customers that you are disconnected from them. A reviews page where the owner is thanking people for writing good reviews and proactively and constructively responding to bad ones sends the message to potential customers that this is an owner who cares about fostering good relationships.