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Accelerate results with machine-learning that adapts to your audience.

Integrated automation services

Integrated automation services

A common barrier between streamlined business to consumer communication is information delivered at the wrong time, in the wrong format. Marketing managers, CEOs and business owners that still release their messages to their audience manually are drowning in unnecessary admin and struggling to find the time to deliver succinct, effective material.

Developing meaningful and relevant content that stands out from the noise requires the latest marketing tools and machine-learning software. With an integrated marketing automation strategy, businesses can create personalized content that’s built on audience insights and the latest digital approaches. Start by partnering with Impressive and achieve your organization’s goals through data-rich, automated marketing that is based on your unique audience and frees up your own valuable time to focus on your growth.

Intelligent marketing for maximum performance

Intelligent marketing for maximum performance

Automated marketing that’s built end-to-end on data simplifies and smartens the way you work, making the sales journey easier for your customers and effectively boosting your conversion rate. In such a busy media environment, the key to success is in consistency and personalization – which come together to deliver multi-channel content that’s backed up by real insights and created for real people.

Your team’s most innovative marketing could take place in our Austin-based office. Our in-house senior digital strategists, analysts and creatives work together to maximize your potential through a clever combination of automated content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO and Google Ads. You’ll get exclusive access to the industry-pioneering tools your competitors don’t know about, and we’ll have your marketing running like a well-oiled machine – for powerful results and simpler sales.

Drive engagement through enhanced user experience

Drive engagement through enhanced user experience

Harness the consumer data that’s exclusively accessible to Impressive, to leverage customer intent and create experiences that are both valuable and unique. Our industry-leading content creators and experienced strategists weave together your approach across relevant platforms to reach your target audience. From search marketing to landing pages and videos, we optimize your overall digital presence to drive engagement and increase conversions.

It all starts with an in-depth analysis of your current marketing processes, which we use to identify inefficiencies and develop ways to automate your processes to make your budget work harder. By reducing the manpower that’s needed to send emails and implement repetitive tasks, you can focus on growing your organization, and your sales team can focus on turning leads into customers.

Our in-house automation team supports you all the way, providing custom reporting and optimizing your campaign across every platform.

A forward-thinking approach

A forward-thinking approach

With Impressive’s best-in-class knowledge and proven strategies, your email marketing and other content deliverables will be backed by leading quality and driven by unique insights. Our expertise powers your approach – for creativity that’s infused with data and customer messaging that’s more lucrative than ever before.

Want to find out how we’d work in conjunction with your marketing team to deliver a custom automated strategy? Connect with the senior automation specialists at Impressive for a free strategy session that discusses your goals and the enhancements needed to reach them. We’ll tell you more about our in-house machine learning technology, so we can quickly scale your marketing efforts and distribute content in the places that matter most.




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Deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience, to provide powerful content at relevant stages in your customers’ journeys. It all starts with understanding which automation tools and services will empower your marketing.

HubSpot marketing automation
HubSpot marketing automation

One of the industry’s most effective technologies, set up powerful HubSpot workflows that can be automated and scaled for growth.

ActiveCampaign marketing automation
ActiveCampaign marketing automation

Deliver an improved customer experience using ActiveCampaign marketing automation, to automate everything from email sequences through to work flows.

Klaviyo Marketing Automation
Klaviyo Marketing Automation

The leading choice for eCommerce sites, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with other platforms, offering email automation and other services.

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Audit & analysis

We analyze the market and your competitors’ social media strategies, to find ways to build the most effective strategy for you.

Custom growth plan

We build a custom growth plan that covers social and other advertising avenues, to scale your marketing as you grow.

ROI projections

We predict the costs and returns you can expect, as well as an approximate time frame so you can visualize how your money will work.

Any questions

Marketing automation FAQs

Marketing automation is the production line that links your strategy together and simplifies your process. The best way to describe the main features is with an example:
A potential customer searches one of your products and visits your website (SEO). They view your page on ‘marketing automation’ – but don’t sign up. Advertisements follow them on social media (retargeting), until they click one and find your landing page about a free eBook you’re offering and fill in their details (content).
You send an automated email to them with your eBook (email), before getting your sales team to give them a call (sales). If they’re not interested in anything more than the eBook at this stage, you could automatically schedule a follow-up call or email, or you could wait and only schedule something if they come back to your site. The sky’s the limit.

Impressive uses a variety of tools to drive automation services. Our main one is HubSpot marketing, but we also use ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Klaviyo and others.
Ultimately, the best way to deliver effective marketing automation is by choosing one platform (or a few tools that integrate well together) and using it exclusively.

The more data you’re able to drive to HubSpot, ActiveCampaign or any other tool, the better your automation will work.

Want to prioritize which leads to call first? Want to show social media ads of the shoes your visitor was just looking at? Want to send emails that are relevant to what your customers are interested in? Whatever part of the process you want to automate, by feeding your CRM as much data as possible, all of these things and more will quickly become possible.

Data, data, data.
We keep using this word, we know. But it’s the truth. The more information you have about your customers and prospects, the better automation will work. When you work with our agency, we create forms that encourage visitors to provide as much information as possible. This will then be compiled in your CRM and categorized depending on any rules you have in place.
From there, we can qualify your data depending on your business model and goals. This will depend on whether you’re a B2B business targeting other companies, or you’re chasing consumers. It’ll also depend on whether you’re selling products or services. Once we have the information we need, we’ll utilize this to start sending automated emails, planning social media campaigns and a myriad of other services that align with your overall business strategy.

Marketing automation is not a separate entity. It’s the glue that holds your digital marketing strategy together. Consider it in the same way as the machine that moves your product through the steps in your assembly line. While you could make the product manually, it’s a lot smoother and quicker to have an automated process in place. The same can be said for your digital marketing strategy. Automation frees up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on other important tasks (like helping your customers).

It’s important to note that while automation can work with just one or two services, such as email marketing and Google Ads, it’s ideal if it’s implemented with an omni-channel experience in mind. This ensures you’re capturing as much information as possible and targeting your prospective customers at all stages of your sales funnel, no matter where on the web they happen to be.

Can SMBs also use marketing automation?

Yes! Marketing automation is not just for large enterprise companies. Whether you’re a small gardening business or a large landscaping corporation, automation can help deliver leads more effectively and ensure your business continues to grow.

The best part about marketing automation for SMBs is it means less time spent actually doing marketing. Some small companies don’t have the time to waste. While Impressive can handle the majority for you, contacting your leads is still up to you!

But with marketing automation, we can set up a framework that suits your business model and overall marketing strategy. You’ll see leads roll in, and you won’t need to waste any time chasing them with follow-up emails or retargeting – our automation strategy can handle that for you.

Once everything is in place, it’s simply a matter of our team reviewing, reporting and tweaking to ensure everything continues to flow and bring you business.

Attract. Engage. Delight. That was the original concept behind inbound marketing, and if you’re doing it right, not much has changed. It’s a strategy that focuses heavily on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content. This leads to customers seeking out your company, rather than the other way around.

It all sounds a bit “Build it and they will come”, but we promise you there’s more to it than that. The content has to be useful, after all. And it shouldn’t be purely hosted on your website. You need to optimize for keywords, share on social media and even guest blog on other websites to successfully pull off an inbound marketing campaign.

Marketing automation can help with this process. Once your content is developed, you can build landing pages to capture customer details, schedule social media posts, automate emails and more. The possibilities are endless.