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Take control of your enterprise’s reputation

Take control of your enterprise’s reputation

Negative online reviews, comments or articles can have a devastating impact on large businesses. Your increased authority means that negativity spreads faster on social media and can even outrank you in search results. The painful truth is that for organizations that have been built up over years – or even decades – a tarnished online reputation is enough to put you out of business.

Brand perception online is amplified for enterprises, and if you’ve been experiencing the downhill repercussions of a false or unfair evaluation, you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in leads and revenue. Your potential future clients research your company online before connecting with you – and they’ll take what they find as reality. Take back control of your enterprise’s reputation with Impressive.



There’s no overnight solution to a damaged digital reputation, but you could strengthen your team with Impressive’s reputation experts to get you back on-track and restore your image for the long-term. We use cutting-edge technology and time-tested strategies that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

For organizations already suffering the impacts of bad press, we carry out a complete audit and take action on the appropriate platform to restore credibility. After repairing any reputation attacks, we roll out an ongoing strategy across social media and your website that’s driven by high-quality content and connects you with high-authority publications. That said, we also believe prevention is better than cure. Contact us today for an in-depth enterprise reputation analysis to address potential dangers before they become a bigger threat.

Maintain cross-channel credibility

Maintain cross-channel credibility

Empower your marketing team with the tools and support needed to improve and maintain credibility across essential platforms, like Google, Glassdoor, Facebook and more. You already know that this takes time, resources and specialized knowledge. Extend your enterprise reputation management to Impressive to free up your specialists’ time, and we’ll ensure your online profile actively reflects your organization through correction and ongoing monitoring.

Our in-house teams of digital marketing strategists, content writers and PR specialists evolve into your organization’s support system and become obsessed with restoring your reputation and driving the success of your enterprise. Start today with a digital audit and strategy build.




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Reputation management services

Take back control over the online perception of your brand with our portfolio of reputation management services.

Google reviews management
Google reviews management

Deliver an instant positive brand image for potential clients searching for your products or services, and increase conversions with our Google reviews management.

Facebook reviews management
Facebook reviews management

It’s easy for competitors and unhappy customers to spread unfair reviews across social media. Rebuild your profile with Facebook reviews management.

Glassdoor reputation management
Glassdoor reputation management

If your past or current employees leave a negative review about their time at your organization, this hugely influences your reputation. Turn things around with Glassdoor reputation management.

Tripadvisor reviews management
Tripadvisor reviews management

Correct and maintain reviews on your Tripadvisor page to promote leads and increase sales. Our Tripadvisor reviews management can help restore truth to your profile.

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Here’s how we’ll invest in you:

Audit & analysis
A comprehensive audit

We’ll review all of your digital marketing channels and outline what’s working, and what needs to be improved.

Custom growth plan
Unique growth strategy

We’ll share our approach, covering how we’d scale your marketing – and how it relates to your objectives.

ROI projections
ROI projections

We’ll forecast the results you can expect, as well as your investment and the KPIs involved to get you there.

Any questions

Enterprise reputation management FAQs

Short answer: Yes. Why? The simple truth is the more people you have to convince, the harder it’s going to be. We’re all different, and we all expect different levels of customer service. While a simple acknowledgement and apology is good enough for one person, it could turn another off even more. 

The first step to restoring an enterprise business reputation is determining who was affected. Was it all of your customers or only a select persona? Once we know who we’re talking to, we can work together on finding a solution that resolves their concerns and leads your business onto the path of redemption. But don’t fret – while repairing an enterprise business’ reputation can take time, it all depends on the severity of the issue. And if you start managing your reputation when it’s still in a good position, the potential impact will be less severe.

No, we don’t. Our reputation management consultants understand that every business is unique. Just like our other digital marketing services, we never use a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we focus on pure data and cold, hard facts. This approach is far more likely to get results that will benefit your business. Whether you’re a large enterprise, or a small to medium size business, we’ll work closely with you to determine the best solution for your reputation concerns. It all depends on what’s happened before we can provide advice on the best way to manage the situation. Once we know where your business stands in the public eye, we can then start working out a strategy that caters specifically to your business. Yes, we can include milestones and timeframes in this strategy, but they’ll be specific to your business, your budget, and your goals.

Stranger things have happened, but it’s highly unlikely. Of course, it all depends on a number of factors. You need to take into consideration things like the severity of the allegations (and whether there’s any truth to them, let’s be real), as well as the size of your business and how many other online reviews you have. For example, if you’ve only got five reviews, and one of them is negative, that’s going to stand out like a sore thumb to potential customers. Especially considering we’re living in a world where 86% of consumers read online reviews (and 90% of them trust them as much as personal recommendations). 

No matter if you have one or one hundred online reviews, the best thing you can do to resolve negative reviews is respond. Even if there’s no resolution for that customer, others will see that you cared enough to try.

No one knows your business better than you, so why would you trust a third party to manage your reputation? It’s simple really – you can’t see the forest for the trees. Let’s unpack that, shall we? When you’re too close to a problem, you can’t see the whole picture. Instead, you’re wrapped up in the smaller details. 

By including an external partner like Impressive, our reputation consultants will be able to use our outsider vantage point to give you a greater perspective. We’re sure you’ve seen the clickbait stories on social media – or even the viral posts themselves – of businesses clapping back at customers who have left negative reviews. Sometimes it works out, but more often than not it throws the business into hot water. Use these as a cautionary tale and let Impressive manage your reputation with cool and collected understanding.

Enterprise companies like tech giant Samsung and German carmaker VW have had their reputation tested in recent years. While this hasn’t completely decimated these companies, it definitely had an impact on their bottom line – and without the right damage control from experienced reputation consultants, the impact would have only kept growing. That’s where Impressive comes in. If your business reputation is under strain, we can help. We’ll take a look at all the facts, review the hard data, analyze and interpret the results and develop a strategy that will start turning your customers into brand advocates. There’s nothing more powerful.

Why be reactive when you can be proactive? Our reputation consultants are here and ready to start building your digital marketing strategy. From social media to Google Ads to enterprise SEO services, we can do it all – and we’ll make sure your brand reputation is first and foremost in our minds every step of the way. Mistakes happen to everyone, but only the most Impressive take ownership of those mistakes and have a plan in place to rectify them. Let’s get started on yours today.