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In just a few years since the opening of its first store, Roll’d has become a household name across Australia, with a grand total of 31 stores. Renowned for its rice paper rolls and pho, Roll’d offers authentic Vietnamese cooking in its franchises around the country.

With such a solid standing in the Australian hospitality industry, it’s no surprise that anyone interested in running their own food business would want to align themselves with the Roll’d name. Roll’d wanted to engage serious buyers interested in purchasing a franchise store across Australia.

Roll’d passed on the lead generation to Impressive, so they could focus on working through the influx of interested potential buyers. Find out how we created a campaign that was so effective, it brought in almost too many leads.


We knew that this was an enticing offer, so we had to build a campaign that appealed to the right target market and only brought in leads that were qualified. Otherwise, Roll’d would have weeks of work on their hands combing through stacks of irrelevant applications.

To get this right first time, we knew that we had to build the campaign on a foundation of solid research. We began by reviewing their existing franchise offers page on their website and found that it lacked the conversion points needed to really engage buyers, from why they should buy with Roll’d, to store availability and pricing that serious purchasers would need to know.

1. Landing Page
Upon the end of our analysis, we got things moving in record time. In under a week, Impressive was able to turn around a fully mobile-responsive landing page that was complete with stores, testimonials and detailed information designed to engage buyers.

The page was professionally designed by Impressive’s team to include an attractive call-to-action form and an engaging layout dictated by typical user behaviour.

2. Paid Search
Simultaneously, our Paid Search Advertising specialists reviewed the existing Ads account for Roll’d. We designed and executed a powerful campaign that focused on buyers actively in the market looking for strong franchise opportunities and to get into the healthy fast food industry.

We made sure our PPC targeting was highly focused, so it attracted only the most serious of buyers and ensured quality leads for Roll’d. It’s easy to get people to say they’re interested in buying a franchise, but ensuring they follow through on that idea is often a different story.

3. Facebook & Retargeting
With the landing page and Ads in place, Impressive’s Facebook team created a funnel that was constructed to get Facebook users to engage with a series of video and banner ads. These educational videos allowed Roll’d to tell their story and position their values, in order to attract a new franchise owner that would be a perfect fit for their brand.

The videos successfully planted the seed about franchise opportunities with Roll’d and established brand awareness.

Through extensive testing and consistently themed creative, we honed in on our target personas, budding business owners and entrepreneurs. As we moved them from educational videos, we were able to deploy more direct messaging through banner ads.

Our bottom of the funnel strategy was designed to retarget those users that didn’t convert. So, those ones that didn’t submit an enquiry on the landing page were served location specific ads about upcoming opportunities near them. By making the advertising more locally relevant, we were able to extract more conversions.

In contrast to Ads , the Facebook ads allowed us to visually showcase the store setting to present potential leads with an example of what they could own.


At first, the campaign wasn’t looking as strong as we’d hoped. The first 2 weeks results were mixed, with only a handful of leads coming through the landing page. This was not what we’d promised our client and we weren’t about to sit around and let the campaign go stale.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists got to work on the case. They began running a series of rapid A/B tests based on heat maps, click maps and Google Analytics user data. Then, things began looking up – drastically.

Impressive improved the conversion rate of the landing page by 781%! With so many highly-qualified leads, Roll’d requested that we pause the campaign for almost a month to allow the team more time to properly qualify and catch up with the volume of enquiries.

The Facebook campaign reached 210,961 people. Through the careful analysing of demographic data, we were able to further refine our target personas and minimise wastage on ad spend.

Impressive is proud to be able to work with a client that is so well-known in the public eye. This was a fun digital campaign for all involved and it was hugely successful, absolutely breaking past our targets.

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