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Ivory & Deene Case Study

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Ivory & Deene


A focused SEO campaign took Ivory & Deene from flat growth to a major boost in organic sales.


more clicks to the website


growth in organic sessions


more impressions


growth in organic revenue


keywords in top 3 positions


Ivory & Deene is an eCommerce company that provides an online collection of lighting, furniture and decor, to help people in Australia create beautiful spaces in their homes. They opened their virtual doors in 2002 as a family-run business, and to this day continue to inspire their customers with unique, luxurious yet affordable items.


The brand approached Impressive in November 2019. Before this, they’d experienced consistent organic traffic and sales, but growth was flat and they wanted a more dramatic uplift.

Impressive’s SEO team was handed the challenge of improving the organic visibility of Ivory & Deene’s unique products, to increase their organic traffic and online revenue. Our client was searching for at least a 6x return on their investment per month.


Our approach was driven by Ivory & Deene’s target audience, so we began by studying their demographics to build a content strategy around. By looking at quantitative data collected from Google Analytics, and qualitative data taken from an interview with the client, we generated a clearer picture of the target audience and created the brand’s tone-of-voice to suit.

Primarily using SEMrush, we then took a 3-phase approach to the keyword research:

  • Phase 1: Indexed keywords
  • Phase 2: Competitor keywords
  • Phase 3: Keyword variations 

We then combined the keywords across all 3 phases to target audiences in the top, middle and bottom of the funnel in order to improve rankings, traffic and conversions. To help structure the campaign, we divided the keywords based on:

  • Stage in the purchase funnel (TOFU/MOFU/BOFU)
  • Product categorization. E.g. lighting, living & outdoor
  • Competitor intersect (i.e. volume of competitors ranking for a given query)
  • TIDIFF (Traffic Index Differential) to calculate the URLs we should prioritize based on their traffic potential
  • Overall relevance and attainability

Once the keywords and URLs had been finalized, our in-house writers got to work on a detailed content brief. This was supported by ongoing optimization including deep technical audits to identify and resolve any technical SEO issues and a close eye on performance monitoring to ensure traffic, rankings and conversions continued to grow.


Since January 2020, Ivory & Deene has seen major organic traffic growth, with their flatline in progress becoming a thing of the past. We compared the period of 9 months before and after Impressive’s SEO campaign, to find a massive 131% growth in organic sessions, and 99% growth in eCommerce organic revenue.

We checked out the data in Google Search Console, to find that total clicks to the website have more than quadrupled in the last 6 months, and impressions have more than doubled.

The SEO campaign has also led to a lot more keywords ranking in top 3 and 4-10 positions. Right now, the website has 122 keywords in top 3 positions, and 216 keywords in positions 4-10.

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