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Webinar Wrap Up: ‘Tis the Season for Shopping

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The Blueprint for your eComm Footprint

2020 brought us a lot of surprises, but despite it being a whirlwind start to a new decade, the show must go on. 

If you’re gearing up for Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, finding ways to pivot your marketing model to reach your eCommerce goals is crucial. 

While you may be cutting it close this year, it’s time to focus more on the customer and less on the margin. Embrace digital technologies, test your market and align your strategy to appeal to your target audience.

If you missed our two-part webinar series or are dying to rewatch it already — check out the key takeaways below from each episode below and tune in on-demand now.


For businesses expecting a year of growth and success in 2020, it may not have exactly panned out that way. But if there’s one thing COVID-19 had a hand in, it was the accelerated growth of online shopping.

While many retailers across the globe were forced to close their brick and mortar stores during lockdown, they were able to shift to the digital world, and with this shift came opportunity. 

Let’s talk quick pivots with host, Russ McCumber, and retail experts, Mark Baartse and Jordy Heis.

Australian retail experts dish the latest on eCommerce — how brands have pivoted to combat the new circumstances retailers are facing and the learnings that have come from it.

Mark Baartse – CMO, Microsoft ShowPo

Mark has been building websites for over 25 years. Remember those early MSN websites that were popping up everywhere decades ago (and if you do… yes, you’re getting old)? Well, Mark was the lead dev on these, helping to launch in 22 countries. 

Since then, Mark has helped companies across the globe embrace digital growth and catapult digitally-led marketing maturity, proving to be a leader in the digital marketing world.

“The CMO of Australia Post mentioned to me that from April and September there were more than 1 million households that had never purchased online before who placed their first order during lockdown.”

Jordy Heis – Merchant Success Manager, Shopify Plus

Jordy started in graphic design way before digital was even a thing. Quickly realizing the impact of digital design, he joined the forefront of digital transformation and the rest was history. Dealing primarily with fashion eCommerce clients and merchants at Shopify, Jordy brings to the table his design-led and data-informed perspective. 

“The buy local trend is something we’re seeing more of. More people are buying it online and picking it up in store. These local trends are becoming popular, such as “Click-for-Vic”. This type of civil unity and wanting to support those merchants who are struggling is prominent.”


The conversation covers:

  • Expected growth in 2020 and how COVID-19 has shifted that (6:30)
  • Brands pivoting their business model (10:00)
  • How businesses are setting and reaching their eCommerce goals (13:30)
  • Brands with no eComm channel at all who had to pivot and create one or those that had to pivot and sell another product (17:00)
  • What eComm managers are doing to push digital transformation (19:30)
  • Discovering the hero in your business (27:30)
  • Thinking more about your customers and less about the margin (30:30)
  • As we approach COVID normal, will eCommerce number plateau as retail opens up? (37:00)
  • How websites and technology have helped businesses fix the pain points of online shopping for consumers who never have (42:30)
  • Transparency is key — especially with shipping times (44:00)
  • How will Cyber Weekend pan out this year? (47:00)
  • The hangover from “going on sale” (49:00)
  • ROI options for products to go viral — is it something you can plan? (53:30)


Whether you’re targeting a last minute shopper or a loyal customer, prepping for a big sale can be quite the task. With email marketing revenue up 86%, there are plenty of channels you can use to get your sales in front of the right people.

Learn what routes you can take to help increase sales and make the most of the little time left in 2020.  

“Evaluate the technologies you’re using and ensure they are speaking to each other. With so many integrations that work together, it’s important to make sure your tech is a well-oiled machine to make for a better experience.” – Lizzie Nirenberg

What does the future hold for eCommerce and retail? Sit down with our host, Russ McCumber, and leading analysts, Lizzie Nirenberg and Darren Morton.

Have our shopping behaviors shifted since COVID-19? Is omnichannel the future? Believe it or not, there are more ways you can add value as a brand beyond blow out sales — learn how.

Lizzie Nirenberg – Partner Marketing Manager, Klaviyo

Working with agency partners to ensure eCommerce brands are maximizing the technology they’re using to grow, Lizzie is passionate about finding unique ways to promote the value of partnerships.

“Transparency is key. This includes working with trusted partners and having things documented, including shipping and returns, so customers can feel at ease with who they can contact if they have a problem.”

Darren Morton – Sales Director, Quantcast

As a digital marketeer for more than 10 years, Darren has worked for larger organizations across Australia. Now at Quantcast, the world’s largest behavioral driven AI platform, he heads the sales department in Victoria and South Australia, helping marketers create more rewarding experiences across the digital landscape. 

“It’s not just about the discount you’re offering, it’s what else. Consider your messaging and differences that you can offer that other brands can’t.”


The conversation covers:

  • Clients that pivoted for the pandemic (2:30)
  • How COVID-19 has skyrocketed eCommerce sales (7:30)
  • How is the younger generation interacting with eCommerce? (12:00)
  • What’s important for business to know about cyber weekend? (13:30)
  • If retailers aren’t discounting — how do they add value? (19:30)
  • Should we be testing target markets? (24:30)
  • What people are purchasing more of online during COVID-19 (26:30)
  • People are sending more emails and engaging with them — take advantage of this (29:00) 
  • Online and offline working together (33:00)
  • Click-and-collect: people are shopping with a purpose now (37:00)
  • Year of the mobile (38:00)
  • First time purchasers vs customers who already have an experience with your brand (41:00)
  • Is it too late to convert customers for cyber weekend? It’s never too late! (44:00)
  • What should businesses be thinking about in 2021 (49:30)
  • Key takeaways from 2020 for eCommerce stores in the new year (52:30)
  • Reporting to CEOs and CMOs (55:00)

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