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How to Grant Access to Your Google Tag Manager Account

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What is Google Tag Manager?

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is designed to manage your website tags. These isolated code snippets may be small, but they’re an integral part of website management and SEO. Website tags are used to track user data, with Tag Manager recording and analyzing this data for website optimization. Google Tag Manager can be used to track advertising ROI, review website analytics, and record user information.

Sharing Google Tag Manager Access with a Partner

Setting up and managing Google Tag Manager can be complicated without external support. Whether you work with Impressive or another marketing agency, it’s vital to share Google Tag Manager access. This product integrates seamlessly with Google Ads and Google Analytics, and it’s an essential part of website management. When a partner has access to Google Tag Manager, you will benefit from enhanced conversion tracking, better site analysis, and greater marketing potential.

How to Share Google Tag Manager Access

Sharing your Google Tag Manager account with Impressive is easy. Like most Google products, sharing access involves a simple step-by-step process:

  1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.
  2. Click on the Admin section in the top left corner.
How to Grant Access to Your Goggle Tag Manager Account

3. On the next page, go to the User Management section.

How to Grant Access to Your Goggle Tag Manager Account

4. You will then see a list of Account permissions.
5. Click on the blue + sign and select Add users.

How to Grant Access to Your Goggle Tag Manager Account

6. Input the clients@impressivedigital.com email address
7. Make sure that Administrator and User are both selected.
8. Click Invite in the top right corner to notify Impressive.

How to Grant Access to Your Goggle Tag Manager Account


What is Google Tag Manager access sharing? 

Google Tag Manager access sharing refers to granting someone else permission to manage and deploy tags, such as tracking codes and pixels, on your website or app. It allows others to add, edit, and publish tags without directly accessing your website’s code.

What permissions can I grant to someone when sharing my Google Tag Manager account? 

Google Tag Manager provides different levels of access permissions when sharing access:

  • Account Admin: Users with account admin access have full control over the account and all containers within it. They can manage users, create new containers, and perform all actions.
  • Container Admin: Users with container admin access can manage and modify a specific container, including adding, editing, and publishing tags.
  • Container Publish: Users with container publish access can publish changes made to a specific container, but they cannot modify the container or manage users.

Is it safe to share my Google Tag Manager access with others? 

Sharing Google Tag Manager access is generally safe if you trust the person or entity you are granting access to. However, it’s important to exercise caution and only share access with individuals or partners you know and trust. Regularly review and monitor the access to your account to ensure its security.

Can the person I share access with make changes to my Google Tag Manager settings and configurations? 

Yes, users with account admin or container admin permissions can make changes to your Google Tag Manager settings and configurations. They have the ability to add, edit, and publish tags within the assigned containers. Container publishers, however, can only publish changes made to a container and cannot modify settings or configurations.
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