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In my role as head of partnerships at Impress!ve™ Digital, I get the pleasure of talking with business owners knowing that I could be about to help them unlock a new revenue stream by broadening their services through a digital marketing arm.

Sometimes it’s a media, web design, or creative agency looking for a specialized digital marketing resource for a client’s campaign, or it could be a company looking to generate leads for a client’s small business.

But whichever the company and whatever the requirement, the strategic decision to outsource your SEO or other digital marketing will be subject to some understandable concerns. Once you’re able to work through any doubts, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing your marketing, from the backup of experts to a guaranteed return-on-investment and more time to focus on actually running your business.

Below I share some reservations most regularly cited by business owners and how these are counterbalanced.

1. I can’t risk my reputation with someone I barely know

Fair call. In a service-based industry, reputation is everything. Good and bad reviews can manifest anywhere, and referrals are the lifeblood of new business. On that note, we simply can’t afford to risk our reputation with work that doesn’t perform for our clients either.

In an ever-crowded digital marketing landscape, establishing your credentials and providing clarity around your processes early on is paramount to ensure you remain on the consideration list. At Impress!ve™, we want to build your confidence in our business, so you feel ready to outsource.

We encourage our local partners to come to our office to meet the team, and for partners based elsewhere, regular video conferencing puts faces to names, or we hop on a plane if need be.

Every member of Impressive works under one roof, so we have full quality control and a fluent exchange of ideas and insights between departments – the sum of which gets poured into every new client campaign.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t offer our experts to become your experts if we didn’t have the utmost confidence in our ability to deliver results which will, in turn, enhance your reputation and strengthen your client relationships.

2. You just don’t have enough knowledge of my business

Naturally, someone employed full-time in your business will get firsthand knowledge of your culture, your clients, and your processes.

But having an external point of reference can provide added perspective from an outside source, fresh ideas, and insights from other industries, and learnings from other campaigns.

Impress!ve™ employs some of America’s top digital marketers and invests in their ongoing training. And with up to six different specialists working on any campaign, that depth of knowledge and experience just isn’t possible with one in-house digital marketer – never mind the enormous task of investing in six.

3. How can I be sure you will always be accessible?

An agency is the sum of its different teams: SEO, SEM, content, design, account management, and strategy being the core areas. If anyone from any discipline is away, there is a whole team to carry out the work to ensure we deliver the turnaround time we promise.

If your internal digital marketer is away, who does the copywriting, who does the backlink strategy for the month, who sets the new keywords, who runs the next funnel of Facebook ads?

Outsourcing a project to a digital marketing agency rather than employing a person or team in-house, mitigates the accessibility risk and is a far more efficient means to mobilize such a specialized department.

And one thing our partners love? A branded, customized report dashboard that offers transparency to your campaign and can be accessed 24/7.

Find out more about outsourcing to our experts

Partaking in the highly risky, time-consuming, and money-sapping task of recruiting an in-house marketing department is untenable for most small businesses. Employing one person to carry out the role of several specialists is compromising at best.

Even for established businesses, a partnership with a digital agency is the perfect way to provide an agile solution for client projects – effectively owning the campaign. From an initial audit and digital strategy to ongoing reporting and results, our account manager becomes your single contact point to a team of experts. And for many businesses, a single digital marketer will rarely be able to proficiently carry out a multitude of highly skilled disciplines and stay across the latest Google or Facebook product releases, algorithm changes, and training opportunities.

Above all else, outsourcing your digital marketing provides you with hugely cost-effective access to a team of highly trained experts who are trained in delivering results. And, rest assured, we have no contact with your client.

We’re currently offering a free strategy session for any businesses that want to know more about outsourcing to Impress!ve™. Contact us and let’s talk about boosting your business.

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