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EPISODE 29: SEO Success Stories with Daniel Foley Carter of SEO Audits

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The SEO industry has grown significantly as everyone uses and transacts online, but the problem is that the curriculum for SEO hasn’t evolved as much as the need for SEO.” – Daniel Foley Carter

Learning programming in the late 90s as a young teenager, Daniel Foley Carter indeed has a unique inception story in the SEO world. His initial journey in the realm of software development soon morphed into a passion for SEO, making him one of the seasoned authorities in the field. Daniel is known for shaking up perceptions about SEO trends, especially against the backdrop of Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy his deep-dived conversation and anecdotes of his journey from a software developer to an SEO wizard.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the burgeoning role of AI is impacting SEO practices.
  • Comprehend why mastering SEO principles go hand in hand with tool usage.
  • Explore the misinformed impact of voice search on search habits.
  • Unravel AI’s capacity to distribute tailored search outcomes.
  • Appreciate the necessity of ongoing evolution and upgrading to stay competitive in the SEO realm.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:12 – Introduction,
00:01:51 – Biggest challenge facing SEOs in 2023,
00:04:28 – AI’s impact on SEO,
00:09:06 – Voice search and the future of search behavior,
00:13:27 – Daniel Foley’s journey in SEO,
00:15:24 – Early Days of SEO,
00:16:33 – Transition to Agency Work,
00:18:50 – Impact of Core Updates,
00:21:41 – Ranking Challenges and Traffic Quality,
00:23:06 – Controversial LinkedIn Strategy,
00:30:24 – Benefits of Daniel’s Business Model,
00:31:52 – SEO Stack,
00:33:39 – Common Issues Found in Audits,
00:35:57 – Trend of Manual Actions,
00:38:20 – Love for SEO,

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