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EPISODE 28: SEO Success Stories with Kyle Byers of Semrush

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“The biggest challenges in 2023 are really the same as they’ve been for a long time: increasing competition in the SERPs, Google updates, getting buy-in from stakeholders, and winning clients. The hardest thing about SEO for most folks is just understanding what’s really moving the needle and making sure that you focus on that.” – Kyle Byers

Introducing Kyle Byers, an SEO wizard with over 16 years of experience in digital marketing. After initiating his career at Guitar Center, Kyle decided to sharpen his skills while touring Europe, and the rest is history. He’s had a successful stint leading the digital marketing division for a leading independent audiobook publisher, co-founded a top-tier PPC and SEO agency, and even co-founded the startup, Exploding Topics! Today, his skills and expertise are shaping the future of SEO strategies at SEMrush, where he leads as the Director of Organic Search.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the inevitable intersection of AI and SEO in 2023, preparing your digital presence to thrive.
  • Get equipped to tackle the forthcoming challenges in the SEO landscape of 2023, staying ahead of the curve.
  • Create content that your users are actually searching for, making every piece a potential traffic magnet.
  • Discover SEMrush’s secret sauce for optimizing content and earning trust in the digital market.
  • Engage with the contagious energy and pioneering mentality at SEMrush, inspiring your own brand growth journey.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:12 – Introduction,
00:01:53 – Biggest Challenges in 2023,
00:05:12 – Kyle’s Background and Experience,
00:09:24 – Exploding Topics Venture,
00:10:20 – Role at SEMrush,
00:14:04 – Prioritizing Content Updates for Impact,
00:15:44 – Short-Term Wins vs. Long-Term Impact,
00:17:31 – The Startup Environment at SEMrush,
00:21:16 – Wins in the Organic Content Role,
00:23:01 – Lesser-Known SEMrush Tools,
00:27:45 – Impact of AI on SEO,
00:29:29 – Challenges with AI-generated statistics,
00:30:42 – Uncertainty and future implications of AI,
00:32:21 – Quickfire questions,
00:34:40 – Applying SEO principles in daily life,

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