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EPISODE 26: SEO Success Stories with Bart Van Der Meer of Leads.io

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“The compounding growth is what keeps me in SEO. You can do something and it has an effect for years and years to come, and you can do that over and over again and see a fantastic graph in Google Analytics.” – Bart van der Meer

With a career spanning over 14 years, Bart van der Meer, the SEO lead at Leeds IO, has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. From humble beginnings as an intern at a flower import company to working with renowned brands like Green Match and Boilerguide, Bart has honed his skills in SEO strategy development and team leadership. 

His insights into the challenges of hiring the right people and building effective team structures are invaluable for SEO professionals and digital marketers aiming to elevate their team collaboration and industry impact. Bart’s journey and accomplishments offer a compelling narrative that resonates with those seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of search engine optimization.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Develop effective SEO team building strategies to maximize performance and results.
  • Stay updated with industry trends to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changes quickly.
  • Overcome the challenges of scaling an SEO agency by learning from industry experts and successful case studies.
  • Emphasize the importance of collaboration in SEO to drive better results and foster a positive team environment.
  • Engage in continuous learning in the SEO industry to stay relevant and continuously improve strategies and tactics.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:12 – Introducing SEO Success Stories
00:01:13 – The Biggest Challenge for SEOs
00:03:18 – Falling into SEO
00:05:47 – Learning from the SEO Community
00:10:07 – Growing the SEO Team at Leads IO
00:14:34 – Selling the Long-Term Vision to the Board
00:16:21 – Overcoming Hurdles in Team Building
00:20:06 – Tech Stack and System Integration
00:23:10 – Long-Term Strategy and Future Roadmap
00:25:34 – SEO and Content Innovation
00:28:03 – LinkedIn Presence and Networking
00:28:12 – Building a Successful Team
00:28:29 – Feedback and Reviews
00:28:47 – Closing Remarks 

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