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EPISODE 13: SEO Success Stories with Lindsay Sakraida

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“I think one of the biggest challenges [facing SEOs in 2022] is one of the biggest opportunities as well: organic marketing has a real opportunity to push for and get buy-in for further investment.”

Lindsay Sakraida is currently the Director of Content Marketing at Yotpo, a cloud-based content marketing platform for e-commerce businesses that allows users to collect user-generated content and use that content to build a brand.

But don’t call Yotpo a ‘unicorn’ – the company prefers to be referred to as a ‘flamingo:’ a real animal, because Yotpo provides real value.

Join Russ Macumber as he talks with Lindsay Sakraida about her journey in content marketing and copywriting.

Russ Macumber talks with Lindsay, who comes from a writing and content marketing background, about her SEO journey. As a growth marketer with a strong background in content production, SEO best practices, and media outreach, Lindsay has extensive experience generating content campaigns to support acquisition, retention, and business development goals. Learn about her experience here

“Not all traffic is good traffic.”

The conversation covers:

  • How Lindsay started her SEO career (4:03)
  • What does “just write good content” mean? (9:44)
  • The importance of review recency (11:00)
  • Progression from DealNews to WeWork (11:50)
  • About the Yotpo platform (13:48)
  • Lindsay’s experience at Yotpo (17:32)
  • The content marketing structure at Yotpo (19:02)
  • Moving the needle in Lindsay’s first 90 days at Yotpo (20:30)
  • Lindsay’s SEO role models (22:12)
  • Forecasting Yotpo’s direction and success (24:19)
  • Barriers at Yotpo (25:55)
  • Secret software tools: revealed! (30:01)

Quickfire Vox Pop Q&A

Which previous Google algorithm change still keeps you up at night?

Panda. Duplicate content was a real problem at the time

Gun to your head… which do you prefer: content or links?

Content, but that’s pretty obvious

What’s the most effective link-building technique you have used?

I think partnering with PR and media outreach (it’s so much more authentic)

Is the skyscraper technique still relevant today?

I do…

What do you love most about SEO?

I really love learning what people are searching for. Sometimes you stumble on the funniest things.

How do you apply SEO principles to your daily life?

I guess just always thinking about “what do people really want?”

WFH life or Office life or Hybrid life?


SEMrush or Ahrefs or Moz?

I like SEMrush

Agency or In-house or Combo?

I think a combo can be really great, especially depending on where your  strengths lie and what your goals are.

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