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EPISODE 10: SEO Success Stories with Eli Schwartz

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“The biggest challenge [facing SEOs in 2022] is getting things done, making things happen.”Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is the latest guest to join our SEO Success Stories podcast. Get to know the legend behind more than 16 years of experience driving successful SEO and growth programs for leading B2B and B2C companies.

His client list? Shutterstock, WordPress, Zendesk, Tinder, Coinbase and Quora, to name a few. Eli executes global SEO strategies that successfully increased the organic visibility of all these big businesses. His biggest claim to fame is leading the SEO team at SurveyMoney to build their organic search from nearly zero to one of the largest growth drivers.

Join Russ Macumber and Gabe Grossman as they talk with Eli Schwartz about the logic and theory behind SEO.

Featured in SEJ, Entrepreneur and many others, Eli is also the author of ”Product-Led SEO”, a guide that digs deep into the logic and theory of SEO. In this podcast, your hosts Russ Macumber and Gabe Grossman talk to Eli Schwartz about his career, his book, and concepts in his book.

“I think of SEO as a buyer’s journey. It fits in it – it’s either the beginning or the middle, but it’s gotta be a part of the buyer’s journey.”Eli Schwartz

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The conversation covers:

  • Eli’s first foray into SEO (3:10)
  • Types of sites Eli worked on (7:22)
  • Accidental success in Google Adsense with Sarah Palin (8:33)
  • Eli’s brilliant book idea (10:45)
  • The impact of Google’s MUM update on SEO (15:55)
  • Red ocean vs. blue ocean (19:00)
  • SEO forecasting: what is it and how to do it (22:33)
  • Eli’s mentor/s in SEO (30:15)
  • What should an SEO tech do to move the needle with the client within the first 90 days? (37:02)
  • The biggest factors affecting SEO growth in 2023 and beyond (40:05)
  • How to capitalise on changes in SEO (43:30)
  • Eli’s favourite SEO tools and software (45:03)

Quickfire Vox Pop Q&A

Which previous Google algorithm change still keeps you up at night?

It’s not relevant today, but Panda.

Gun to your head… which do you prefer: content or links?

Content, all day.

What’s the most effective link-building technique you have used?


Is the skyscraper technique still relevant today?

I don’t think so. I think that anything that’s a ‘technique’ isn’t relevant on a mass scale.

What do you love most about SEO?

How weird users can be… You think they’re going to search one thing but you see something totally different.

How do you apply SEO principles to your daily life?

I don’t even know what an SEO principle is. I’d say my SEO principle is that users aren’t nearly as good at search as we think they are. I try not to make assumptions that everyone knows the same thing I do.

WFH life or Office life or Hybrid life?

I’m gonna go with Hybrid – but it’s hybrid for me, but WFH but from a coffee shop.

SEMrush or Ahrefs or Moz?

I can’t answer that.

Agency or In-house or Combo?

In-house… however, I don’t think most companies are able to hire in-house.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of our podcast! Please tune in for more SEO success stories by hitting “subscribe.”

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