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At Impress!ve we love trends, both of the digital and fashion sense. So the combination of the two is second nature to us. When working with our clients, we appreciate that their marketing campaigns have to a) look great, and b) convert customers, which is why we’re always focused on engaging, beautiful content that’s entirely backed by data. A user has to be enticed by something, but it also needs to be in the right place at the right time. Right? Here are some how trends in SEM right now—and how they’re relevant to fashion.


— Video Advertising:

Due to the integration of YouTube ads in Google Ads and the new YouTube shopping ads, video advertising is going to stay an important element of SEM in 2016. Google is testing video ads within the search result pages, so video ads have the potential to become dominant in the search engine market. This has great potential during fashion weeks and when brands reveal their new collections — hello sneak preview. 

— Interactive Advertising:

According to Google, one out of four installed apps is not used. People’s attention on mobile is becoming shorter. In order to counteract and create a better user experience, Google recently introduced new interactive Ads for apps — these apps allow the user to test an app or do another interaction, for example to swipe. This trend is verified with more interactive shopping ads, with brands like net-a-porter already showcasing such tactics on Instagram.

— Similar Audiences:

We can already target our campaigns using interests, pre-defined topics and other targeting options. Search engines are gathering more and more personal data about their users and this allows the targeting of similar audiences. This data is becoming more precise and this enables more specific campaign targeting. This is big, big news for the fashion industry; it’s basically a gateway to more custom. But can it take over Facebook and Instagram advertising? We’ll see check social media tips here.

— Ad Extensions:

In 2015, Google Ads announced some new ad extensions. The most important is the structured snippet extension— structured snippets provide, like the callout extensions, further information about your company. Bing also introduced one new ad extension, the image extension, providing brands the opportunity to really showcase their unique appeal; styles, collections and product ranges.

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