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In the wake of Covid-19, the global retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Not only are consumers tightening their spending due to health, wealth, and job uncertainties, but fashion brands are also taking hits, predominantly as a result of delivery delays and manufacturing shutdowns.

Fashion brands are having to adapt, and fast.

Everyday Lingerie Co, a provider of sustainable women’s underwear was one particular business that we saw potential opportunity with amongst the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s how we’re helping them to pivot their digital marketing strategy, to ensure they remain connected to their loyal customers, at a time where many eCommerce stores are failing to weather the COVID-19 storm.


Everyday Lingerie Co provides everyday women with a versatile range of sustainable and breathable lingerie. With a pride and commitment to crafting high-quality underwear made from sustainably sourced materials, each set is cut from 92% bamboo, providing ultimate breathability and comfort. Expertly designed to cater to real women, Everyday Lingerie Co celebrates women of all sizes by offering an empowering range of designs ranging from size 8 to 22.


Just like many companies, Everyday Lingerie Co found themselves caught in the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. With manufacturing shutdowns hitting supply chains, the brand ran into a number of issues. 

Due to delays in stock from their suppliers, the brand found themselves in a position where they were simply unable to keep up with consumer demands. Reducing ad spending was simply not an option – rather, they needed to drop their social campaign completely to focus on resolving supply chain issues.

With the business operating during such an unpredictable time for the eCommerce industry, we knew that we had to think – and act – fast, in order to help keep Everyday Lingerie Co afloat.

As the crisis hit, we considered a few things:

How could we ensure that the brand would remain afloat long term? Would customers remain loyal to the brand without actually being able to purchase products?

We collectively decided to pivot their digital strategy completely, focusing on the long-term, rather than the now. 


In order to support and strengthen the brand during the pandemic, we knew that we had to confront the current environment with a number of response tactics.

While pausing the social ads campaign made sense, pausing all of our digital marketing efforts wasn’t the right call, either. Instead, our team of strategists started focusing on long-term strategies that could ultimately result in Everyday Lingerie Co coming out bigger and better on the other end.

So, with that in mind, our team of SEO specialists made the observation that the brand was missing out on traffic for qualified search phrases based on limited visibility. This opened our eyes to a huge opportunity, and we quickly got to work on pivoting them into a powerful SEO campaign.

With Everyday Lingerie Co about to go through a complete site refresh, we knew that it was the perfect time to optimize their onsite content.

Search demand is currently down by approximately 50% for women’s clothing. That’s why our SEO techs decided that prioritizing informational keywords over transactional keywords would be the better option to ensure that Everyday Lingerie Co could still reach consumers who aren’t actually able to spend. Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to build out the strategy further, including the use of more transactional keywords in order to get a better, albeit more direct return for Everyday Lingerie Co.

The reason for this? Simply, consumer buying behavior has changed. With the uncertainty of job roles, more and more online users are looking to be entertained, rather than to spend money.


Ultimately, eCommerce businesses must continue to plan for life after Covid-19.

While we’re just a couple of months into uncharted territory, none of us know when or how this will end. With that notion in mind, brands need to think long-term – and after all, it’s clear that the importance of digital experiences won’t be changing anytime soon.

While the retail industry has taken a huge hit, Impressive has been able to identify a range of opportunities to ensure that our partners invest in the right digital marketing strategies for their business  during this crucial time.

Just like Everyday Lingerie Co.

Want your marketing pivot to be as successful as Everyday Lingerie Co’s?

We’ll work with you to make it happen.

We’ve put together a COVID-19 State of Play report that explains a number of innovative tactics that your brand can use to come out on top once this is all over.

Inside you’ll learn: 

  • How to pivot your mid-term and long-term approaches to marketing during this time
  • The tactical shifts you can make within each channel
  • The FASTER method you can use to adapt messaging and meet the needs of your audience


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