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Keeping your target audience engaged is vital to the success of your digital marketing – but it’s still something many businesses fail to do.

From writing copy to producing videos and podcasts, relevant content is what determines whether your potential customers stay switched on… or whether they click off.

That’s why you should only be creating killer work that catches the eye.

Let’s start with the basics.



Every digital marketer knows that focusing on a relevant audience for your products or services is crucial in a competitive market – but did you know that it can go a lot deeper than a location and a bit of demographic information?


It’s now 2021 and companies are getting personal. This means building a chatbot that interacts with customers in a way that speaks directly to their segment and how they prefer to communicate. It means presenting a specific copy to readers depending on their search habits and developing dynamic landing pages that match scrolling behavior of potential customers.

It’s all pretty impressive (no pun intended), and some amazing things are being achieved as a result.

But while it all sounds exciting, it’s important to remember that these strategies don’t just fall into place. In reality, they require an in-depth understanding of your target audience (through the right data capture), and a strong focus on quality – highly relevant – content.

So, what does that content look like?

Video creation

We’re all skim readers these days. Thanks to the information overload that the internet provides, our attention spans are tiny in comparison to what they were only a few years ago.

That’s why video has become such a key piece of content for a variety of audiences.

Short snippets in particular are the most valuable. Not only do they ensure your audience won’t get bored, but they’re also a fun way to showcase what a business does – and how they can help.

Marketers can share what goes on behind closed doors in a creative way through the right video content, injecting personality into the business.

video creation

Another reason to include video in your marketing campaign is because social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn showcase companies that utilize rich media in the news feed more frequently compared to those that don’t. If increased traffic sounds good to you, then get the camera out and start filming.

Some video content ideas for your brand:

  • Promotional videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Instructional guides
  • Behind the scenes clips
  • Customer testimonials
  • Live videos

Hot tip: Aim for videos that are less than 2 minutes in length. Anything longer will risk viewers losing interest.


Podcasts are an exciting frontier that many businesses are yet to take advantage of – which is surprising given their remarkable rise in popularity in recent years.

Podcasts offer a level of convenience to users that other mediums currently don’t. This convenience is most likely what accounts for the majority of their appeal. Time-poor listeners can tune in while multitasking – whether that be cooking, cleaning or commuting.


There’s also good news when it comes to production – as podcasts don’t require a wealth of technical knowledge to get off the ground. Similarly, multichannel promotion is a breeze. Publish your podcasts on the company blog, add transcripts for SEO, and share across social media. This will help to keep your audience engaged, and support your company’s thought-leadership in your industry.

Hot tip: People love podcasts because they can listen to them at any time. There’s no need to hire an expensive production crew. If the content is good, you’ll attract plenty of listeners.


Effective writing

The written word is alive and well but could definitely use a bit of spritz. Content writing has been the victim of cruel algorithms for some years now, with keyword spamming and ‘robo-talk’ reducing quality and engagement levels across the board.

Thankfully, 2021 looks to be turning a new page, with Google and other platforms placing a higher value on the proper use of language and expression.

Businesses can capitalize on this change by improving all aspects of their writing, be it website content, blogs, articles, social media posts, or anything else. It’s also worth avoiding the saturation of content that currently exists online. Focus on producing unique work that has real value, and if you do have to write about something that’s been covered a thousand times, put your own angle on things to get the best results.

effective writing


Collaboration is a smart way to create excitement and there’s never been a better time to branch out. Start by identifying a list of influencers who may be on a similar path to you and shoot them a message.

Maybe you could interview a well-known celebrity for your podcast or invite someone to contribute to your website as a guest blogger. Either way, these are great ways to increase engagement because they offer fresh content to your existing audience. You may be able to draw a bunch of new customers in too.

Be sure to capitalize on any good work by linking between your respective websites and social media accounts for added traction. Collaboration allows you to create content that is highly shareable with your audience, and doing so will bring new flavor to all types of campaigns.


A recognizable brand

Gone are the days of businesses having to play by the rules when it comes to formal language and procedure. Now, brand personalization is part of the game and is actually encouraged. This can come down to many things, be it tone of voice, production style, or the overall customer experience that you create online.

Differentiating yourself from competitors through brand personalization is a valuable way of engaging with people and plays a major role in maximizing customer lifetime value and retention.

But while it might sound fun to inject some humor into your content, it’s important that it matches the expectations of your target audience. Ultimately, they’re the people you’re trying to engage.



If you want to keep your target audience engaged, you’ve got to get inside the heads. This means having the right data at your disposal. If you want to learn more, you can download our Impressive Report: Personalizing the Customer Experience, where we cover a range of methods for understanding your customers and improving both acquisition and retention.


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