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Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Marketing

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AI is emerging as one of the most effective marketing outreach technologies in the world, and no — we don’t mean like The Terminator, “I’ll be back”, Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of AI.  

In today’s digital-oriented, fast-paced world, changing the way you attract and nurture leads all comes down to machine learning and leveraging technology to improve the customer experience.

So how can you capitalize on AI to improve your overall marketing strategy? And what trends are likely to emerge as AI advancements continue to turn prospective customers into brand warriors?


AI takes the guesswork out of marketing by providing marketers with the information needed to understand modern customers. Combining human creativity and intelligent tech, AI puts customers in the driver seat, taking complete control over their journey from discovery to decision making.

AI products use experience analytics to help marketers visualize the customer journey and identify pain points for consumers. When brands have a more complete view of the customer experience, they can work to optimize engagement and conversion rates by delivering tailored messaging to different audience segments.

Creating a more unified analytics and marketing system, AI connects customer data from all touch points to ensure an experience that is personalized for every user. By collecting data and identifying new customer segments, marketers can shape the customer experience, influence the decision to purchase and encourage brand loyalty through a personalized message.

Improved lead gen, qualification and nurturing

A more personalized message equals more relevant assistance along the buyer journey. Giving marketers a huge advantage when it comes to nurturing leads, personalization can create a stronger connection with your brand and potential customers, increasing their chances of converting.

By customizing content by lead type, you can further segment your marketing communications based on persona profiles or online behavior. This means instead of sending a generic and salesy Boxing Day email, you can tailor it to show the particular products a lead is browsing or that are sitting in their cart waiting to be purchased.  


Big data and AI go together like bacon and eggs. Seemingly inseparable, AI machine learning uses every data input to generate new rules for business analytics. Using data from multiple sources, AI can build a knowledge studio that enables accurate predictions about not only what customers buy, but how much time they spend on a site, what they click on while they’re there and what ends up in their cart vs what doesn’t.

AI is useless without data and vise-versa. With vast amounts of enterprise data present in a collection of organizational silos and public domain sources, access to data will certainly be the key enabler as AI advances. From robotics to reasoning, as AI algorithms continue to mature, data will be used to process natural language, automate learning and enhance computer vision. 


Are you inundated with requests from customers? Instead of sending a generic and boring, “We’ll get back to you as soon as possible” message or neglecting to respond all together, AI chatbots ensure a customer service representative is always on hand to support queries. 

Evolving significantly over the last few years, these days it seems like every brand is looking to implement a chatbot. While they can help to ensure a more positive customer experience on site or via social media, without a knockout strategy, they’re about as useful as a customer support line manned by puppets.

But if set up correctly, chabots can drive users to take a particular action such as leave a review, download and engage with content or make a purchase. Chatbots can also be a great tool to monitor consumer data and gain insights on your target audience. 

Is your campaign underperforming? By tracking purchase patterns and consumer behavior, chatbots can also help you make informed decisions on how to redevelop and relaunch your marketing efforts.


You’re probably already automating mindless, busy work but AI can take your abilities to the next level. With AI, you can make your marketing automation more intelligent and efficient, improving the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns across channels. 

With a likely rise of customer data platform integration with AI, marketing automation just got a whole lot smarter. AI enables next-best-action decisioning that determines which campaign is best for each individual customer based on a custom algorithm.


Whether you’re an international brand or are looking to expand your business, data is the new currency and without it, it’s hard to make strides as a global business. AI can help you comb through huge data sets and make it more freely available across organizations.


If you really want to maximize your marketing with AI, understanding how you can incorporate it into your marketing automation and social media strategies, get in touch with our team today. We can help develop a proposal that will smash your goals.

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