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Episode 10: The Marketing Tools that Digital Marketers Swear By

Should You Be Utilising These Online Marketing tools?

Do you need to spend a fortune on intricate digital marketing tools to be in with a running chance of executing a successful strategy? Or are there ways you can get a heads up with clever tools accessible to everyone?

At Impressive Digital, there are some tools we believe integral for any marketing agency or individual business. When you’re on a budget or aren’t ready to go next level with a digital marketing agency, add these gems to your toolbox and you’ll discover a more streamlined way of marketing.

Meet Chris & Caleb

Chris White is Impressive’s latest intern, currently killing it as he learns all sectors of the business. He’s enjoying the navigation of tools for SEO, PPC and social media so he wanted to pull them all together in this week’s podcast. Joining him is Caleb Wynne, Impressive’s Account Director.

The conversation covers:

  • The tools we use for competitor analysis reports (1:54)
  • The importance of doing a competitor analysis (4:26)
  • The social media tools you should be looking at (5:08)
  • How to check up on your own site (6:47)
  • On-site vs off-site optimisation (8:09)
  • Handy pay-per-click tools (9:20)
  • Ways to avoid plagiarism and why unique content rules (11:29)

“You could be a legend at what you do, but ultimately, innovation is going to get your competitors in front. You need to be across that.” – Caleb Wynne

The Digital Marketing Toolbox

SEMrush – SEO tools like the Keyword Gap Tool, PPC tools that show competitors’ ads, plus heaps of other features

Google AnalyticsEssential for monitoring your own business’ activity and success and guiding campaigns

Screaming FrogCrawls site like Google does to monitor H1s, page titles, meta descriptions etc., to come up with a list of things you need to fix

Location Tool – Lets you select an area on a map to give you every registered suburb in that radius, so you can bid on those locations

Keyword Concatenation Tool – Can type in separate keywords + suburbs in columns to get every combination of keywords including them

CopyscapeType in URL and it shows up the percentage of content that is duplicated across other parts of the web

Keywords EverywhereA Chrome plugin that highlights commonly searched phrases on websites, including search frequency, CPC etc.

Google TrendsMonitoring keyword search trends over time

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Feeling inspired to try out some new tools? While smaller businesses can be reluctant to spend money on digital marketing tools, they can be a transformative part of your strategy and we recommend carefully considering what will boost your business.

To take your marketing to the next level, leave it to the Impressive experts. Get in touch to find out how we could boost your strategy and revenue.

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