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Episode 11: The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Discovering the secret to storytelling could just be the answer to your digital marketing prayers.

For this week’s podcast, two of our most experienced tellers get together to provide insight into Impressive’s approach to communicating a brands identity.

The result? One of our most intriguing discussions yet.

A lot of businesses try to do content marketing without tapping into the rich vein of storytelling… You need to have some kind of emotional connection or commonality with your audience”. – Chris Best

Meet Anthony & Chris

Combining their experiences in film and journalism, Anthony Engelman, digital strategist, and Chris Best, content specialist, have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to storytelling, using this week’s episode as an opportunity to discuss why it’s such a critical component of digital marketing.

Their conversation will focus on:

  • What storytelling in the digital marketing world encompasses (1.56)
  • What the difference between storytelling and content marketing is. (2.47)
  • Why you need to be targeting the right audiences (4.00)
  • The importance of developing an authentic voice (4.44)
  • The continuity between traditional storytelling and social media story telling (9.44)
  • Whether every organisation has a story to tell. (11.07)
  • Why you need to be honest in your approach to storytelling. (14.18)
  • A day in the life of a content marketer (15.16)
  • Helpful tools that aid content marketing (16.59)
  • What the problem with modern day marketing is (18.11)
  • How to be a good story teller (21.57)
  • What we can learn from Marvel’s ability to tell a complex story. (25.12)

The problem with modern day marketing is the inability to get personal… a lot of brands refuse to go through the hard and scary process of putting themselves out there and opening themselves up to criticism” – Chris Best

Connect with Us

In this week’s podcast Chris mentioned ahrefs and SEM Rush, a couple of digital marketing tools that are especially helpful in helping to find relevant topics and headlines for content marketing. Make sure you check them out for yourself!

Ultimately, this podcast is to help you have a stronger understanding of digital marketing. If there’s a particular area or subject matter that you think we should be delving into, please don’t hesitate in letting us know!

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