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Episode 21: The Future of Technology in Fashion

Technology in Fashion with Saskia Fairfull

Saskia Fairfull, Founding Member of IFAB, lives and breathes the fashion industry. Working closely with start-ups and fashion entrepreneurs, she helps businesses grow through the development of brand identity, marketing and the integration of emerging technologies.

Though the fashion industry has traditionally been relatively slow to latch on to brand-new technologies, things are set to change and innovations are on the horizon, set to completely transform the customers’ experience.

“Tech has never been a focus in fashion. It’s always just been the garment in the hands of the consumer.” – Saskia Fairfull

Meet Saskia, Russ & Nicolette

Leading the chat today is Russ Macumber, Impressive’s Senior Digital Strategist, who happened to connect with Saskia during a video conference in Austin, Texas. Nicolette Georgiou is also joining, Impressive’s copywriter who specialises in fashion and beauty businesses.

Saskia will be sharing her expert knowledge on the subject and discussing some somewhat surprising technology set to take over the fashion industry in 2019 and beyond.

  • How and why digital transformation in fashion was a late bloomer (3:15)
  • The challenge for traditional retailers (5:50)
  • How IFAB fills the gap in terms of knowledge (7:15)
  • Why brands need to put themselves in their shoppers’ shoes (9:25)
  • Digital clothing: the next huge thing in fashion tech (10:24)
  • AR mirrors/Magic Mirrors in stores: is it just a fad? (12:12)
  • How technology will simplify processes for retailers (13:48)
  • How the shop assistant role is changing (14:56)
  • What IFAB does for brands just starting out (17:40)

“Those who can take their brand into the next phase will survive. It means looking at retail from a different perspective.” – Saskia Fairfull

Connect with Us

Emerging fashion brands or those looking to find new ways to integrate technology into their processes can connect with Saskia via her LinkedIn page or contact IFAB through their website.

For any other questions – or to suggest a topic for our next podcast – email info@impressivedigital.com and our team would be happy to have a chat!

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