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Episode 13: Launching an Online Store & Making your First Sale

Launching an Online Store? Here’s How to Get Started

At Impressive, we come across so many individuals interested in opening an eCommerce store, but usually, they just don’t know where to begin. We also meet people further into the process; they have opened their store but it’s now invisible in the online world. They want to know how to make their first sale.
From deciding on the logistics of your store to the best marketing channels, we got the professionals on the mic to help you get your own store up-and-running.

“Brand loyalty doesn’t exist anymore. People are not loyal to brands; they’re loyal to themselves.”Cate Thomson

Meet Cate & Mairaid

Cate Thomson and Mairaid Laskey are both digital strategists at Impressive, with a passion for building eCommerce stores. They know everything there is to know about creating the most solid foundation for your store, and they offered to share their insights today.
If you’re thinking about starting an online store or you’re still in the early days of running your new business, this episode is for you.
We’ll be covering:
  • What the initial stages should be/figuring out your product base (1:52)
  • Does the competition matter? (4:57)
  • How to make money even with a low CPA (7:29)
  • Tips when it comes to creating a business plan (10:38)
  • The things that can damage conversion rates (14:22)
  • Platforms to consider when building your store (15:58)
  • What to do when you’ve opened your “doors”, but no one can find you (17:24)
  • Should new businesses consult a social media agency? (22:19)
“Before you even plan an online store, you need a marketing budget. Otherwise, it’s like a store with no signage.”Maraid Laskey

Connect with Us

If you’re in the early days of an eCommerce business and you’d like to speak to our strategists around social media, Google Shopping or something else, contact Cate or Mairaid directly on cate@impressivedigital.com or mairaid@impressivedigital.com. Otherwise, give our office a call on 1300 191 943!

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See below for some of the resources discussed on this episode:

Google Trends: Find out about current trends in your industry
Shopify: Build online stores and generate free logos
Australian Government business resources: Business plans, templates, bookkeeping etc.

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