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Episode 34: Coronavirus: Preparing for the New Normal

How Businesses Can Stay in Ahead of the Curve

It’s a challenging time for any business. Coronavirus has changed the way we operate, closing some businesses completely and forcing others to work exclusively from home.

But there are some potential opportunities for businesses that will come out of this pandemic. Join us as we talk about what’s happening in the online marketplace during COVID-19 and hear examples of how other businesses have already begun to pivot.

“The thinking you have to employ is the same thinking you employ throughout the year. It’s focusing on what your customers are doing.” – Jonathan Salamon

Meet Sam & Jono

In today’s episode, Strategy Director Sam McKerrow talks with Senior Account Manager Johnathan Salamon. The pair cover their experiences working from home, before diving into the various ways Impressive clients have started to pivot and take advantage of the opportunities available to them in this new market.

The conversation covers:

  • Adjusting to WFH (1:20)
  • How to stay ahead of the curve (5:02)
  • Example: Makeup company switching to tutorials (6:29)
  • Example: Dog treats company switching strategy (8:08)
  • Example: Retail business switching to online (10:00)
  • Preparing for the new normal (11:30)
  • Example: Gyms streaming online (12:30)
  • Office delivery switching to home delivery (13:00)
  • Example: Physios switching to video conferencing (14:30)
  • Grants on offer (15:25)

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“Because of what has happened with coronavirus, it’s forced their hand into playing more in the online market, which means they’ll end up having a bigger business as a result.”  – Sam McKerrow


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