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Episode 33: The Morning Dump & Dominating on LinkedIn in 2020

If you’re a B2B business, it’s your time to shine on the professional networking platform with content that connects.

Algorithm changes used to be big occurrences that threw businesses off balance. Now, they’re an expected occurrence that agencies are fully prepared for. But what if we could go back to a simpler time when your page performance wasn’t based on the penny in your ads manager, but the content of your page? Such a magical place still exists. It’s called LinkedIn.

“…[Unlike Facebook and Instagram] there’s amazing organic reach still available on LinkedIn. If you’re a business, you have no excuse not to be on there” – Lisa Teh

Meet Rob and Lisa

In today’s episode you’ll have the pleasure of listening to the croon of Rob Tadros, Impressive’s Founder and CEO, as well and the sweet melodic musings of CODI Agency’s Lisa Teh, their fearless leader and LinkedIn evangelist who is empowering B2Bs to stand out from their competitors and succeed.

The two cover some incredible professional tips that’ll help you become a LinkedIn thought-leader, while also sharing with you some amazing habits that’ll improve your professional life, i.e. having morning dumps (don’t worry, the podcast will explain that these actually are!).

The conversation covers:

  • The organic reach of LinkedIn (1:53)
  • LinkedIn best practice (2:52)
  • The Morning Dump (4:55)
  • Content types and hacks (6:00)
  • Reaching out and connecting with leads (8:30)
  • Advertising vs. Organic Linkedin posting (9:30)
  • Profile optimisation (11:00)
  • Shout out to Alex Louey (12:00)
  • SEO and LinkedIn (14:00)
  • Tactical linking on LinkedIn (15:00)
  • The power of personalisation (17:00)
  • Bots on LinkedIn (18:15)

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