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Episode 30: The Power of Personalisation

How Your Business Can Leverage Personalisation Like Thor’s Hammer

When it comes to ensuring that the “personal edge” is still present in your strategy, you’ll have to go beyond generic campaigns and really put in the effort in fleshing out your strategy.

A great way to do this is also through ensuring your automation practices are up to scratch. Automation can even streamline your workload, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your strategy. Reaching your clients at specific touchpoints with messages that truly meet them where they’re at in their journey can mean the difference between being noticed and creating a loyal return customer.

We’ve spoken to our automation specialist Adriana, whose insights have helped us understand just how flexible, useful and personalised automation can be for your business ambitions.

“The digital landscape is constantly evolving and so are the expectations of customers….you need to provide an excellent end to end journey for current and prospective customers.” Adrianna Bizarri

Meet Adriana and Cass

In today’s episode we’ve got the aforementioned Adriana as well as content lead Cassidy heading up the discussion on the power of personalisation. With more and more companies beginning to sell their wares and services in the digital space, standing apart isn’t just a matter of having creative aesthetics but also in creating a memorable customer experience that sticks.

The conversation covers:

  • Defining the Customer Experience (1:22)
  • Personalisation through data (2:22)
  • Content that provides value (4:35)
  • Jetstar Case study (5:00)
  • HubSpot Case Study (6:30)
  • Our upcoming Impressive Breakfast! (8:30)
  • Carbar’s CMO Kieron Wogon and the company’s work (9:28)

Connect with us

Keen to find out what a personalised automation campaign looks like? Get in touch with Adriana and the rest of the team here at Impressive.

Also if you still have a few more questions, you can get in touch with our digital strategists online or give us a call on 1300 462 110. We’d be happy to help!


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