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Episode 19: What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Why Omnichannel is More than a Buzzword

A LinkedIn debate inspired this podcast episode, where we’re pulling apart the meaning of “omnichannel marketing” and are discussing it in today’s landscape. Businesses need to be able to find ways to bring a human element to their marketing and make their customers more comfortable, so how do they do that?

Omnichannel is sort of a step-up from multi-channel, and it’s something that businesses need to understand and put into practice.

“Your customers want to feel like they’re being listened to, no matter where they are.” – Cass Spencer

Meet Russ & Cass

Russ Macumber, digital strategist at Impressive, and Cass Spencer, content marketing specialist, are getting together to discuss omnichannel marketing. As much as we try not to get caught up in buzzwords, this is something you can’t avoid in the industry, and heaps of our clients ask about it. So, we thought we’d put it in a podcast.

Russ and Cass are talking about:

  • Creating a human connection in business (2:39)
  • A definition of “omnichannel marketing” (4:26)
  • Examples of multi-channel strategies that could be better executed (6:17)
  • Finding what works for your brand and making it cohesive. E.g. Netflix (8:12)
  • Examples of killer omnichannel approaches. E.g. Youfoodz and NBA (10:10)
  • Creating a seamless experience between digital and bricks-and-mortar stores (14:24)

“It’s 2019. There’s technology out there for brands that can keep the conversation moving forward.” – Russ Macumber

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For more reading on the subject, see the links below that have already been touched on in the episode.


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