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Ep 38: Strategy Isn’t Always the Key to Entrepreneurship

Listen: Rob and cofounder of Finder, Fred, breakdown how they achieved innovation in their entrepreneurship endeavors.

Fred Schebesta embraced his curiosity from a young age and creativity and exploration are nothing new for him. His inspiration for creation stems from back in the day, way before PCs, when he built computer games and learned how to code internet languages. 

But from that — he learned how to sell websites and market them to people, teaching him everything not to do in a business, but at the same time what business models to build and where the money is: finance.

“There’s a lot of opportunity in new technologies. I’m going all-in on building tech and delivering incredible services all around the world, because that’s the future of finance.” – Fred Schebesta

Join Entrepreneur and founder of Finder, Fred Schebesta and our host Robert Tadros 

Author, blogger and award-winning digital marketer, Fred Schebesta is one of Australia’s most well-known entrepreneurs and an active member of the startup community.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Schebesta quickly learned that when creating a business (and he had quite a few tries), it starts with executing with mastery and figuring out the strategy usually comes later on. 

Back in 2016, Fred and his business partner started Finder to help users to help them make better, more informed decisions. Fast forward four years, Finder now has offices situated across the world, from London to New York, with millions of people worldwide using Finder to guide them toward making a decision that’s right for them.

“Your life is a series of choices you’ve made. You can make the choice to compare, or to not — but the people who do want to be informed and those who make some sort of comparison, will get a percentage of a better deal.” – Fred Schebesta

Besides hearing about Rob’s semi-pro skateboarding days… learn how Fred grew Finder and what trends are currently propelling the business to discover new avenues and technologies.   \

The conversation covers: 

  • There’s money in finance (5:20)
  • Social impact really makes a difference in your business strategy (7:00)
  • Dealing with change in your personal and professional life (10:50)
  • Bettering the world’s decisions (13:10)
  • Making your own choices: an underlying trend in financial decisions (16:00)
  • Why consumers are cutting back on subscriptions and streaming services (20:00)
  • Is online growth real right now? What trends in online retail will look like post-pandemic (22:00)
  • Q2 is coming — is your business ready? (23:45)
  • New applications and technologies in the works from Finder (25:45)
  • Crypto currency: why’s it hot? (26:30)
  • Global expansion or global domination? (28:50)
  • Top tips for anyone looking to start a business in the current climate (30:00)

For entrepreneurs looking to start a business…

Dare to be different. Take risks and move to a new space, something that’s just been created (or never created before).

Why? Because no one’s mastered that yet. 

A lot of companies have pivoted and adapted to the challenges coronavirus has brought to the table, but for those looking to truly break the glass ceiling, thinking outside the box might not be enough.

It starts with the people you surround yourself with. Build a team of incredible talent and come up with the strategy later — because you can’t have success without support from the world’s greatest minds.

“Be more outrageous. Take more risks. It’s not very hard to push something further than it should be pushed. I think that’s where damage control comes in. Anyone who says entrepreneurs aren’t reckless are wrong, they’re just good at managing risk.” – Fred Schebesta


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