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Episode 5: Digital Disruption in the Wine Industry

Interview with Winery Lane: Digital Disruption in the Wine Industry

Kicking off the first episode in our client series, we spoke to Winery Lane about what it’s like to break into a typically traditional industry like the wine industry.

That got us thinking – should every company have emerged into the digital world by now, regardless of the nature of their industry?

In this episode, we chatted about the difficulties many start-ups face and how the wine industry is being shaken up by digital marketing and new ways to find and buy your favourite bottle.

“It’s important when you craft any communication, whether it be traditional marketing or digital marketing, to ask yourself; which one of our core audiences are we talking to?” – Cam Harris


Caleb Wynne with Cam Harris


Caleb works with Winery Lane to help them find some of the best SEO methods for their particular brand and industry. As Impressive’s Account Director, he’s experienced in working with a range of businesses – large and small – to ensure they fulfil their potential.

We enjoyed getting some expert advice straight from the people immersed in the wine industry – Winery Lane. This episode will cover:

  • How the wine industry is moving forward into the digital space (2:08)
  • How Winery Lane helps winemakers to tell their story (3:12)
  • The primary consumer of the industry (5:20)
  • The platforms that work well with the brand’s core audiences (6:50)
  • How Winery Lane engages customers in a competitive space (8:40)
  • What do changes in the industry mean for the consumer? (9:46)
  • Should every business engage in digital marketing? (13:32)
  • What it’s like to launch a start-up (15:11)

“If you’re consumer-facing and are relying on a digital platform to sell your product, if you’re not marketing in the digital space, you’re probably not going to survive.” – Cam Harris


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