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Episode 9: A Deep Dive into Branding

A Deep Dive into Design & Personal Branding with Impressive.

Branding is the foundation to all businesses, large and small. It’s how people remember who you are and how your business can gain momentum and stay current.

Discussing visual design and other types of branding are two of the experts at Impressive Digital. We’re looking at some out-of-the-box examples of businesses that do it well and offer our advice for any marketers or business owners out there.

It’s never too early or too late to establish a clear voice and brand, so listen up and we’ll explain how to get it right.

 “Apathy is the killer of all businesses. They don’t like you, they don’t hate you, they don’t care about you.” – Matt Roessler

Meet Aidan & Matt

Aidan Joseph, a Digital Designer at Impressive, joins Matt Roessler, Account Manager. They both focus on different sides of the branding coin, so came together to provide the full story to our listeners.

They’ll be chatting about:

  • Why branding has been important since caveman times (2:56)
  • How people now consume information on-the-go (3:45)
  • “Flash briefing” and how it will change consumption (5:48)
  • The brands that are engaging us and why (7:47)
  • The “triangle” you need to create your own tribe (8:32)
  • Avoiding apathy: the killer of all businesses (11:48)
  • How to stay focused with your brand, style and message (12:58)
  • How branding can build long-term fans and loyalty (15:51)
  • What is personal branding? (19:32)

“It doesn’t matter how cool you look if you’re a jerk!” – Aidan Joseph


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We hope you took a lot away from this episode about the importance of consistent branding for long-term business success.

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