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Watch: Key Takeaways from Advertising Week APAC

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About Advertising Week APAC

What: The inaugural debut of Advertising Week Asia Pacific

Where: Luna Park, Sydney

When: 30th July – 2nd August 2018

Held in one of Sydney’s most iconic venues, Impressive was invited to attend Advertising Week’s 5th global event. Caleb Wynne, Nicole Craig and Kayla Dancaster went along to get exclusive insights and gain knowledge on advertising from some leading industry professionals.The event was bursting with thoughtful conversations and useful workshops around marketing, advertising and technology. Impressive got a first-hand look at the trends and opportunities that are set to shape the global marketing industry.

We don’t like to go anywhere without our camera, so we grabbed interviews with some key speakers to summarise some important takeaways from the event.

Impressive’s Key Takeaways

Advertising Week brings together industry professionals and leaders from the marketing, advertising, technology and creative spaces. During this week we explore where we’re going and what trends, challenges and opportunities are shaping today’s global industry.

“In terms of creativity, serve desert first. Pour the actions straight up and centre, and let the story be told from then on.”

Check out our key takeaways from AWAPAC 2018.

How Can Brands Tell Stories that Haven’t Been Told Before?

Think there’s a barrier to tell your brand’s story via video? Think again. Even small brands are able to make an impact on their industry and have their name heard by doing something innovative with their creative content strategy.


What Did the Facebook Team Have to Say?

We chatted with Rapha Vascncellos, APAC Director of Creative Shop at Facebook. He had this to say:

“I see an influx of highly creative mobile ready and friendly content that I think that other verticals could be learning from.”

See more of his insights for brands that want to evolve with Facebook.

What Else Did we Take Away?

Want to know more about what we learned at the event? Keep your ear out for an upcoming podcast with Caleb, Nicole and Kayla where they discuss the points they personally found most valuable in shaping modern marketing strategies.


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