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Make SEO Personal Again: Get to Know Your Target Audience

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People often throw shade at search engine optimization (SEO) specialists.

If the programmers aren’t around, the SEO tech gets teased for fitting into the isolated, tech-obsessed stereotype.

First of all, stereotypes aren’t cool! Just leave us dungeon masters to do our dark bidding online and be sure to close the door so the bats don’t fly out.

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Secondly, we SEO specialists are tirelessly working to maneuver through the ever-changing Google landscape to optimize sites.

We deal with tech on a daily basis, so it’s easy to lose sight of the true catalyst behind our efforts…


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Google doesn’t control SEO; people do

If there’s one thing SEO specialists should do to improve their quality of work this year, it’s focus on understanding their target audiences.

Please, put away the pitchforks and send home the lynch mob.

Once again, we aren’t saying updates aren’t crucial (please don’t unsubscribe from our posts ). If Google’s changes are anything to go by, you can bet that not staying up-to-date will be detrimental to your work.

HOWEVER, supplementing your study with audience research proves advantageous in making your SEO go the extra mile!


It all begins with consuming the type of content your target audience consumes. You’ll gain exclusive insights on their interests and/or the pain-points that drive their decisions.

Here are some source examples to get you started:

Visit Similar Websites

A no brainer really, seeing as you probably trace how visitors get to your site.

However, you’ll know more about the behaviors and interests of your particular group through their site journey. This should also prompt you to connect with other similar sites, where new audiences may be found.

It’s a great way to understand your target group as well as expand it!

Listen to Podcasts

As above, listening to podcasts frequented by your audience will provide insights into the topics that mean the most to them. Titles are an amazing tool to quickly see what’s trending amongst your buyers.

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This is critical for understanding their interests or even learning the lingo they use, which you can later utilize in your content creation.

Attend Industry Events

Skip the usual SEO convention and hit up an event that’s a little different!

Be sure to go to the events your target audience goes to. See what really engages them to direct your future SEO attempts as well as get a chance to meet your target customers face-to-face.

Read Publications

Excellent for references and inspiration for relevant content, find out what publications are being devoured by your audience and the form of that content (like online magazines or even the odd book off Amazon).

Once again, this opens doors to truly understanding your target group so pull out the Kindle and get your reading glasses ON.

Being an SEO wiz is part of a complete digital marketing strategy, but so is being a modern day anthropologist. Especially if you want your efforts to connect with the right audience. Take the first steps in getting to know your target audience and you’re halfway to making SEO changes that are more effective and definitely more personal.

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