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Episode 1 – The Power of Voice Search & How to Optimise Your Website for Voice

The Impressive Digital Marketer Presents our Voice Search Podcast

Voice search is rapidly gaining more attention in our day-to-day lives, with 50 billion voice searches happening in 2015 alone.

The question is: is your website prepared?

Impressive’s own Caleb Wynne and Russ Macumber get together to discuss how to optimise your website for voice search, why you should be paying attention and how they use voice search daily. (Even if it’s just to find the nearest beer hole or argue with Google Home about the AFL.)

“One frustration I do have with my Google Home is that when I ask it what the greatest AFL team of all time is, the response isn’t the Essendon Football Club. So, I think that falls in the 8% margin of error.” – Caleb Wynne


Meet Caleb & Russ


Caleb, Senior Digital Account Manager, leads the show and he’s joined by Russ, Impressive Digital Strategist. From years of working with clients in the digital space, Caleb & Russ know all about the latest and greatest ways to make digital strategies awesome.

Google Home will be making a cameo appearance in this week’s episode, too.

In this podcast, they’ll be chatting about:

  • Why the digital industry is steering towards voice search (3:02)
  • Why businesses need to prepare for voice search (4:41)
  • Tools that will help, such as Answer the Public (5:28) and Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test (10:43)
  • How to optimise your site for voice search (entire episode)

“If your website hasn’t got any local information on it, it’s like handing out an empty business card. What’s the point?” – Russ Macumber


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And, if you just can’t get enough of voice search, we put together an entire blog post on the topic of voice search optimisation. Check out this report from AdNews which Russ mentioned, for more details about what Australians are using voice search for.

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