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Episode 6: Why SEO Agency Ranking Guarantees are Rubbish

Robert Tadros Talks About the SEO Promises to Watch Out For

As a business owner or marketing manager, you’re aware of the importance of a solid SEO strategy. The only way to achieve this is through a consistent, long-term effort that plays within the lines of Google’s rule book.

However, the industry is swimming with black-hat agencies that will say anything to get a new client. When an SEO agency claims they can guarantee an SEO ranking, it’s rubbish. It can’t be done.

Don’t believe us? This podcast episode explains exactly why you should run a mile in the opposite direction when you’re promised a first-page position. Learn those tell-tale signs to watch out for and protect your business in the process.


“A lot of these agencies will drop their pants and pitch a very low price to try and win the deal. They’ll give all these guarantees that don’t really mean anything.”Rob Tadros


Meet Russ and Robert


Russ Macumber is a digital strategist at Impressive and has met with his fair share of businesses that have been promised the world by other SEO companies that failed to deliver.

We decided that there was no one better to share their first-hand knowledge on the topic than Rob Tadros, Impressive’s founder and managing director. In this revealing episode, Russ and Rob will talk about:

  • The biggest challenges that businesses face when looking for an SEO agency (2:30)
  • How to do your due diligence when scoping out a new agency (3:50)
  • What agencies are doing to cut corners (4:42)
  • What real SEO KPIs should look like (7:07)
  • The dodgy SEO tactics that everyone should be wary of (8:20)
  • Algorithmic vs manual penalties (9:27)
  • The questions to ask a prospective SEO agency (11:18)
  • What white hat techniques look like (12:14)
  • Changing online consumer behaviour, including voice search (15:03)
  • Advice and tools for businesses that don’t have the funds for an agency (16:44)


“I still believe that if an agency is ethical and they know what they’re doing, they can back themselves in the results they can produce. Not rankings, but more traffic and conversions.”Rob Tadros


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In the episode, Russ briefly talks about how voice is set to change up search. If you’d like to know more about on that topic, listen to our podcast on voice search, where we go into more detail.

Rob shared his advice on the online tools to use when you’re trying to write successful content for your audience. You can check out Buzzsumo, Answer the Public and SEMrush to help with your content strategy.

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