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Episode 3 – The Importance of Social Media for eCommerce Sites

The Impressive Digital Marketer Talks Social Media for eCommerce

If you operate an eCommerce website and you’re not using social media to its full capacity, you’re missing out on traffic and sales. Everyone and everything is on social media; brands, your family, people’s pets, your competition. So, how do you stack up?

Tom Silvey and Nadia Dore-Wheeler at Impressive got together to talk about how eCommerce brands can build a stronger social strategy. In particular, they chatted about:

  1. Using social media to drive traffic
  2. Using social media to make sales

“Having a social connection with the people who follow you and making sure that you consider that as a relationship that you maintain; that’s extremely important.”Nadia Dore-Wheeler

Meet Tom & Nadia


Tom is Impressive’s Graphic Designer who, like any good millennial, spends most of his time on social media. He’s joined by Nadia, our Social Media Specialist, who can spot a good Facebook campaign from a mile away.

They’ll be going through best social marketing practices for online retailers, to cover:

  • Building upon the “social” aspect of social to drive traffic (3:21)
  • Getting the balance right for your brand’s voice (4:40)
  • Why “Pay to Play” is vital in the modern social Facebook strategy (5:48)
  • Potential upcoming social trends to look out for (7:31, 14:52)
  • How to sell on social without being too pushy (10:00)
  • Keeping the sales journey smooth for your customers (11:16)
  • Making effective use of influencer marketing (13:18)

“Live streaming can really bring that human element of interactivity to what you’re doing.”Tom Silvey

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In this episode, Nadia mentions Vero when she talks about potential upcoming social trends. Check out our blog post about the rise of Vero to find out more about the social media channel that’s getting some attention lately.

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