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Episode 26: Tapping into the ‘Asian’ Market

Want to Expand Your Business into Asia?

Asia is an enormous continent with billions of people. If you want to expand your business there, it’s worth ensuring you have all the right information to target potential customers in a way that will resonate positively with them.

First on the list is making sure you understand that the ‘Asian’ market is actually a lot of smaller regional markets – and that each of those markets have different identities and cultures.

“If you’re a business that’s aiming to tap into the Asian market, you’re going to have to completely deconstruct everything you think you know about it.” – Nadia DW

Meet Chris & Nadia

In today’s episode, Senior Copywriter Chris Best talks with our very own cultural expert and Content Specialist, Nadia DW. The pair discuss the need for professional advice when entering a new market, to ensure you don’t miss a beat, as well as anecdotes from Nadia’s own multicultural background.

The conversation covers:

  • Partnering with a guide or local mentor (2:48)
  • Building the right kind of relationships depending on the region (4:10)
  • Uber’s initial struggle entering the Singapore market (6:24)
  • Where to start if you’re looking to expand overseas (8:18)
  • How to start marketing in China (10:41)
  • Steps for online-only businesses who don’t have a physical presence (13:04)

“There are digital agencies out there that have recognised the overwhelming importance that the Asian markets play in the Australian economy as a whole.” – Chris B

Connect with us

We hope this came in useful if you’re getting ready to expand your business overseas. If you want to learn more, you can take a look at Nadia’s blog on Asia’s growing market. If you still have a few questions, you can get in touch with us online or give us a call on 1300 191 943. We’d be happy to help!

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