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Episode 22: Marketing Automation and Why You Need It

How and Why Businesses Should be Doing Marketing & Sales Automation

Wondering how you can save time and boost sales, too? There are powerful tools and processes available (some of them free!) to help you automate your sales and marketing efforts to get maximum value out of them.

Automation is still in its early days, to the point where many businesses still aren’t sure what it means. Hit play on this podcast episode for an introduction to the topic and some tips on implementation.

Sales consultants get on the phone to these “so-called leads” and next thing you know, conversion rate is terrible. That’s where automation comes in.” – Rob Tadros

Meet Don & Rob

Today we’ll be joined by Don Sulejmani, Automation Specialist at Impressive. He’ll be talking all things automation with Rob Tadros, our Founder and fearless leader. Always one to keep our finger on the pulse and stay one step ahead of innovations in the industry, we’ve long harnessed the power of marketing automation to bring our clients better results than their competitors.

Don spends his days showing clients how they can benefit from automating their sales and marketing processes, and has jumped on the mic to share his knowledge.

The conversation covers:

  • What is meant by “sales and marketing automation” (0:55)
  • How automation moves leads through steps to become more qualified (1:57)
  • “Lead scoring” and what it is (3:54)
  • Moving a lead through the sales funnel (5:59)
  • What makes a lead qualified and ready for the sales conversation (8:50)
  • How to segment and reengage your database of contacts (12:47)
  • Tips for getting information for lead scoring (16:15)
  • How to start the automation journey (17:02)

“It used to take 7 touch-points to get in contact with a prospect. That’s now up to 11.” – Rob Tadros

Connect with Us

Rob and Don touched on their go-to platforms and tools for automation, and recommend you try out HubSpot, a great platform for small to medium businesses.

Want to speak directly to Rob to find out how Impressive can help you turn leads into customers? Feel free to get in touch on rob@impressivedigital.com.


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