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Episode 2 – Protecting Your Brand from Brand Jacking

The Impressive Digital Marketer on Brand Jacking

By no means a new phenomenon in the digital world, brandjacking is something that businesses have to be aware of, because hijackers are becoming more and more smart in their tactics.

So how do you protect your business – and what exactly is brandjacking?

Elise Bannan and Sam McKerrow at Impressive discuss everything you wanted to know on the topic. From the milder form of social media brandjacking, to moves that are dangerous to brands, to a viral story about chicken nuggets

“You want to be making money from your business – not giving it to someone else.”Elise Bannan


Meet Elise & Sam


Elise works at Impressive Digital as an Ads specialist and is joined by Sam, who takes care of creating killer strategies for businesses. It’s safe to say, they know how to protect and grow an online business.

They’ll be touching on major news stories and their own experience to cover:

  • What the term “brandjacking” encompasses (2:10)
  • Real life examples of jacking on social media (4:34)
  • How businesses should respond if they become a victim (6:28)
  • A viral 2017 story about chicken nuggets (7:45)
  • Why brandjacking on Ads is a major problem (9:42)
  • Protection strategies for brands (12:31)

“It can be hard to pull back from brandjacking on Google Ads . It’s taking away traffic and sales from your business.”Sam McKerrow


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As mentioned in the episode, Impressive’s founder was featured in an interview with SBS News on the topic of brandjacking in the restaurant industry. You can watch the interview here for more insights – plus input from MenuLog’s Commercial Director.

Some of the tools Sam advises brands to use to protect against brandjacking include Hootsuite, TweetReach and BuzzSumo. Klout was recently shut down and can no longer be used.


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