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Episode 17: Innovative Marketing Strategies from Brands we Love

How Brands Like Koala are Killing their Digital Strategies

Competitor research is a core part of our job at Impressive. We keep our finger on the pulse by seeing what else is out there; what works and what doesn’t. That’s how inspiration is born for our own clients’ digital strategies and how we achieve huge success for them.

If you haven’t got time to dig deep into best practices for your market, leave it to us. We’re taking a look at the campaigns and the ads that achieve what every business wants – more recognition, sales and business growth.

And guess what: your business can have that too!

“I think the Australian market is quite open to playfulness in advertising.” – Nadia

Meet Cass & Nadia

Cass Spencer and Nadia Dore-Wheeler are having a chat about something every business will find useful; inspiration from brands that are making a splash in the digital space. Content Specialist Cass and Content & Social Media Specialist Nadia will also discuss an Impressive blog post that’s gotten heaps of attention recently; how Koala uses IKEA to build an amazing marketing strategy.

Listen to the entire episode or jump to the parts that interest you most:

  • 2 digital trends that are making an impact right now (1:25)
  • How brands can prove they care about the environment – and why they should (2:09)
  • Brands paving the way when it comes to “being green” (3:47)
  • How service-based businesses can be greener (4:45)
  • Getting creative with your marketing & how Koala does it (6:20)
  • How Koala used traditional advertising in-line with its digital strategy (9:49)
  • Koala’s ads that don’t take a stab at their competition (10:56)
  • Dyson’s holistic approach to move into the luxury market (15:34)

“Koala took on Australian politics in a way that would resonate with their audience.” – Cass Spencer

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If you want some further reading on innovation from brands, check out our blogs on Koala’s marketing strategy and Dyson’s social media strategy.

We hope this has given you some ideas about how you can amp up your campaigns and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Get in touch for your free digital audit (remember to quote the code: PODCAST3000!) by calling us on 1300 191 943.

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