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Episode 14: The Truth About Dark Social

Unravelling the Mystery of Dark Social

Do you know where all of your leads are coming from? Probably not. When many people hear the words “dark social”, they think of the dark web – but are these two things related? We unravelled the mystery for some people, to finally bring the phenomenon of dark social out into the light.

In this episode, we’re talking about what we need to know about dark social and how it can be measured. Heads up; it’s not easy.

“The sharing we see publicly is really only the tip of a very big iceberg.” – Chris White

Meet Russ & Chris

Russ Macumber, Impressive digital strategist, and Chris White, Impressive digital marketing specialist join forces this week. They’ve spent the last few weeks getting up to speed with everything dark social-related, so they could share their findings on The Impressive Digital Marketer. Think of them as the Scooby and Shaggy of Impressive.

The team will be talking about:

  • What is dark social? (1:55)
  • The times when dark social occurs (3:17)
  • What UTMs are and why they’re relevant (6:54)
  • A “dark social” analogy you may be able to relate to (7:47)
  • How we can tell dark traffic is on the rise (10:46)
  • Why we need to know about dark social (12:00)
  • How digital marketers can leverage this knowledge (13:58)
  • How you can measure dark social and its impact (16:33)

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