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Ep 47: Monetising your content-driven business

“I was the kid at school who was always selling sh*t.” – Jack Slade

Managing director of Luxity Media and Founder of Boss Hunting, Jack Slade, built one of Australia’s fastest growing media companies from the ground up and founded Australia’s most engaged with men’s lifestyle publications. But how does he increase revenue for a business fueled by bro-centric content?

Boss Hunting works with brands like Jeep, Samsung, American Express, HUGO BOSS, the list goes on. On track to become the new age version of GQ, Slade has built his insta-business by not only focusing on social media, but finding opportunities to expand by creating partnerships with other brands, keeping up with Google’s constant algo-changes and diversifying channels to increase traffic.

“Branded content, native editorial, social media and affiliate buys are our main revenue drivers. We are also trying to build products that we can sell through to be a direct consumer brand.” – Jack Slade

Join our host, Robert Tadros and accidental entrepreneur, Jack Slade

Slade says he never really planned to be an entrepreneur and instead just fell into it. The business that started from his bedroom has now equated to over 250k Facebook fans, 170k Instagram followers and over 1 million page views a month on-site.

Slade and Tadros sit down to talk about Boss Hunting, attracting an audience, sourcing a talented team and building out his content-focused business beyond social media channels.

“We produce mostly hyper-local content and try to be the go-to site for Aussie blokes. About 60% of our web traffic is Australian.” – Jack Slade

The conversation covers:

  • How an affinity for the internet turned into Facebook page land grab, Boss Hunting (1:45)
  • Consistency and what drives attracting a loyal audience (5:30)
  • Building out your insta-business beyond social media (6:30)
  • The keys to smashing organic search, ranking for keywords and achieving results (9:30)
  • It’s only up for here: The future of Boss Hunting (12:30)
  • Keeping your eyes on the prize and not spreading yourself too thin (15:00)
  • Monetising your content-driven site (16:30)
  • Global vs local: Defining your site (19:30)
  • How to publish a sh*tload of content on-site (22:00)
  • Sourcing good talent through referrals (24:00)
  • Tips for those aspiring for a similar pathway (29:00)
  • Creating your own business isn’t for everyone (32:00)
  • BHAG for Boss Hunting (34:00)

Want to grow your content-driven business? It’s possible.

Content can sometimes get a bad rap, but in reality it’s 100% possible to create a successful content-driven business AND make money off it. It really boils down to defining your audience, building out content they’re interested in, and attracting other brands and investors to get involved.

Have some questions? Not sure where to start? Get in touch with Jack Slade via LinkedIn or by email: jack@luxity.com.au.

“Remember to keep plugging away. It comes back to consistency, you’re going to make mistakes and some days you’ll want to quit, but you just have to keep going. Test things out, invest in the right areas, and don’t chuck all your eggs in one basket.” – Jack Slade


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