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Ep 44: Fintech Trends

“For SMEs who don’t have the same buying power as an Apple or Nike, you are left with really high conversion fees.”– David Tan

Opening its doors 5 years ago, Airwallex was founded on the basis for businesses to have a better way to make global payments. By simplifying and enhancing the process, Airwallex connects users through smart cross-border payment technology.

SaaS sales and marketing professional, David Tan specialises in relationship building and boasts 10+ years experience at blue chip and scale-up companies, which is what brought him to Ariwallex.

David has contributed to the platform’s success as one of Australia’s most successful tech unicorns. Airwallex has completely transformed the way businesses pay and they have big things coming in 2021.

“We’re able to offer really low FX rates, about 90% cheaper than banks. Everything is done programmatically and it’s really quick and fast, without too much human intervention and as automating as possible.” – David Tan

Host Robert Tadros talks fintech with Channel Partnership Manager at Airwallex, David Tan

Partnering up with Airwallex, Impressive CEO and host, Robert Tadros sits down to talk more about scaling business in every corner of the globe with David Tan. Robert and David discuss the latest in fintech, how eCommerce businesses are expanding globally, and what Airwallex has in-store for 2021.

The conversation covers:

  • The history of Airwallex (1:30)
  • Cutting through a congested market (4:30)
  • Automation is the future (7:30)
  • Investing in people for customer success (9:00)
  • Understanding consumer behaviour in eCommerce (11:20)
  • Navigating conversion rates when you conduct business overseas (14:00)
  • Payment gateways are coming (19:00)
  • New products coming from Airwallex (20:00)
  • Rewards systems for big spenders (24:00)
  • The future of eCommerce (28:00)
  • Changing your domain from .com.au to .com (33:00)
  • Considering your tech stack (36:00)
  • The importance of a user interface and seamless integration (40:00)
  • Strategic partnerships and advice for tech businesses (45:00)
  • Crypto — what’s the go? (51:00)

How has the pandemic transformed the way we pay?

The future has never been more uncertain, but if there’s one thing for sure, digital pay isn’t going anywhere. Since the pandemic, digital payments have been on the rise and organisations are beginning to incorporate seamless payment options to reach a more international audience.

David touches on how Airwallex has helped businesses across Australia accelerate in the global and digital environment and why the trends seen in 2020 have helped propel the business to expand its offerings even more.

“We’ve seen some clear trends because of COVID-19, but we believe businesses are becoming more international and digital by default, which were banking on in Airwallex. Part of that is because they can scale so well.” – David Tan


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