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Ep 35: It’s a Wrap – Proactive Marketing in Tough Times

Proactive Marketing in Tough Times: A Summary of Our COVID Webinar Series

WOW. Let’s just take a step back to breathe and congratulate ourselves on making it through the last month and a half. Things haven’t been easy to say the least, but we reckon you ought to give yourself a pat on the back for making it to April.

Like most businesses in Australia, we found ourselves in a situation we had never been in due to the spread of COVID-19. Things were changing for us and we knew we had to act fast in order to ride the wave that was hurtling our way. With that, we also thought it’d be handy to speak to industry professionals and real life businesses to cover what they were doing in a bid to stay afloat as well. Thus was born the Impressive Webinar Series: Proactive Marketing in Tough Times. We released the series over four weeks, with a plethora of viewers who engaged with our guests and gained some valuable insights for their own businesses.

Meet Our Hosts Russ and Alisha

In today’s episode of the Impressive Digital Marketer, our hosts Russ Macumber and Alisha Rutherford will be providing a summary of all four of the episodes in our webinar series and the tactics that stood out most to them during each component. Both hosts have years of industry experience up their sleeves with account management and marketing strategy and have also partaken in some of the allotted webinars.

The conversation covers:

  • Episode 1: Expanding Your Horizons in eCommerce (2:21)
  • Tactics and Hacks (3:00)
  • Episode 2: Partnerships in Marketing – Mutually Beneficial Relationships (7:30)
  • The Power of Partnerships (9:00)
  • Episode 3: Giving Your Technology an Upgrade (11:58)
  • Database Segmentation (13:00)
  • Episode 4: Strategies to Help Businesses Pivot (14:43)
  • Real Businesses succeeding (15:00)

Let’s band together

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