Why Video Marketing is So Effective in 2019

Why Video Marketing is So Effective in 2019

Video [marketing] killed the radio star [and other outdated marketing methods]!

Not as catchy as the original tune, but just as true.

Old TV contribution to video marketing


Just as TV burst onto the scene in 1927 and gifted us with more stimulating moving images, video is the marketing method of choice for brands that believe in giving the people what they want.

Are you keeping up with the times, or being left behind?

Over 3.5 MILLION BLOGS are written on a daily basis. Now, while we still believe in the power of written content marketing, we also know it takes the majority of bloggers around 2-3 hours to write each post.

With so much competition out there, the fruits of your hard, long labour may never get eaten. Pretty disheartening, right?

That’s why video has to be integrated into your marketing strategy. We’ve taken a dive into why video marketing is effective in 2019, just to convince you a little more.


What is the point in video marketing & how could it be effective for your business?

Let me hit you with a fact. Facebook users watch an average of 100 million hours of video each day.

They’re engaged and on-board with brand videos. So, let’s see why video marketing is so effective and SHOULD be a staple part of your strategy, all through the funnel.


Videos Provide The Info People Need

With minimalist style websites all the rage right now, there’s every chance someone might click on your website and be unsure about what you do or how it’s going to help them.

That’s how bounces happen. You know how much Google hates a high bounce rate!

In a survey, consumers were asked about which type of video they’d like to see more from brands. The most common response: “explainer videos”.

With so much available to the average consumer, businesses should avoid a sales pitch approach. Instead, they should opt for value-based offers that genuinely show the consumer how their product or service will be useful to them.

Explainer videos offer an easy-to-digest, memorable way for people to understand (and connect with) your product or service. Not only that, but customers are way more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it - 74% of users that watch a video then go on to make the sale!

We’re letting the modern consumer make up their own mind. Slash the busy text on your landing page and add a video, which can lead to an 80% increase in conversions.

Take it from Dropbox, the world’s biggest cloud storage software. When it first launched, few people actually knew what cloud storage was. A short, simple explainer video saw Dropbox’s conversion rates go up by 10% and brought an ROI of over 1000X - and look at them now!

Video helps you reach a new audience

Just because your competitors aren’t doing it, does that mean you shouldn’t?


Set yourself apart by leading the pack, not following it. That’s how you establish yourself as an authority figure and become the go-to for customers that need information or need to make a purchase.

Video is more effective when it stands out. As Seth Godin himself says, “we don’t notice a brown cow; there are plenty of them.”

Your brand has to be a purple cow that people can’t help but notice and talk about.

The Dollar Shave Club is a brand that most people didn’t know - until it created that viral video. It’s now a multi-million dollar company that every video marketer looks up to in awe.

When a brand’s content is this good, it’s going to get people talking on their social networks.

Remember that people like to share emotions, not facts. If a video is entertaining, it will be rewarded. Social channels are constantly churning out new ways that encourage video, with features like Instagram stories, Instagram Live, Facebook 3600 Video and Twitter’s Periscope.


Google Rewards Video Content

Videos are viewed as high-quality content in the eyes of the SEO gods.

Properly optimized videos - those with the right keywords, strong title and good meta-description - are a search engine’s favourite toy. You’re around 53X more likely to show up on page one of SERPs if you have a video embedded on your site.

Something to do with the fact that Google now owns YouTube? Maybe...

They also increase the time that visitors spend on your site, which signals to Google you’re offering people what they’re looking for.

Give your moving content the love it deserves and then link back to your website, landing page or product with a clear, compelling CTA.


Video Allows You to Get Personal and Build Connections

We already know video accounts for about 80% of all online traffic. That’s old news. But did you know, live video is set to account for 13% of traffic by 2021?

People nowadays like brands they can put a face and a personality to.

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are all ways you can offer a glimpse of the real you, as well as grab onto some instant promo opportunities.

Real-time content is an excellent way to build brand trust, provide casual and behind-the-scenes action and the impression of a face-to-face connection.

Sales are built on trust and videos can ignite emotions, without having to explicitly ask for sales.

Wondering which kind of live video is most effective?

We thought so, so we looked into it. When it was released, BuzzFeed’s live footage of two people wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon in a bid to make it explode had the most watchers than any other Facebook Live video.

Watermelons in a Video Marketing campaign
Watermelons make for great live video, apparently.

Keep Rollin’

There are a ton more reasons why video marketing is effective and you’ll only really appreciate the power of the rolling reel when you try it for yourself! Place it into your digital strategy with a little help from Impressive. Contact our team of experts to find out how we can work with you to utilise video and boost your conversions.