The 6 Best Multi Variate Testing Tools in 2019

The 6 Best Multi Variate Testing Tools in 2019

You may be familiar with A/B testing. If not, that’s where you test two variables in order to see which one yields the best result.

It happens on Facebook all the time. People often test to see if different images perform better than one another, or even long form vs. short form copy.

Multivariate testing, however, tests more than one variable, evaluating changes of multiple combinations and elements all at once.

Imagine! Testing as many variables as you possibly can without having to manage each facet individually over an extended period of time. That’d free up a lot of mental space if you have all your testing components ready to go.

So how do you test as many variables as possible?

You use the best multivariate testing tools the internet has to offer, and here are our favourites.


Testing Landing Pages with Unbounce:

Unbounce is a landing page creation platform that offers a multivariate testing phase second to none. You’ll be able to test variates including headline placement, layout performance, different CTAs, imagery and everything else that sits on your landing page.

But wait! There’s more! Multi variate testing tools like these increase your likelihood of a successful conversion by refining your offering more expediently than regular split testing.

With landing pages however, a downside is that there’s a risk of not enough traffic come through to really gauge the success of the variates. If you can be sure that you’re getting the right amount of traffic to truly determine the success of your landing page, Unbounce is the software for you.


It’s in the name. Optimize with Optimizely:

With an average review rating of 4 out of 5 stars, Optimizely prides itself on being the best “experimentation” platform in the biz.

Lauded as being extremely cost effective and thorough, the platform is particularly popular amongst mid to large size businesses and allows for testing of headline ideas, images, CTA’s, colors, graphics, in-code pricing algorithms and more.

A case study of client Hewlett Packard showed that their multivariate testing facilitated by Optimizely lead to a $21 million increase in revenue, with a +69% increase in leads.

The site even offers a free sample size calculator that allows you to determine the statistical significance of your testing based on your “baseline conversion rate” and “minimum detectable effect”.

If you have the money to sustain the software, this is a great option to achieve multivariate testing that makes a difference.


Testing Visuals with Visual Website Optimizer (VWO):

With big name brands from across the world utilizing their software, VWO is definitely coming up as the multivariate tester of choice for enterprises after quality testing and data analysis.

The company differs from its counterparts due to the extensive suite of faculties you can test. Not only can you test headlines on your page, but their software allows you to scale the success of copy, URLs, imagery and even allows you to install a heat map on your site.

Once a campaign is complete, you won’t get a generic computer-generated report. The VWO team will instead review your results and provide tailored advice to suit your objectives, such as improving your copy, design or overall marketing strategy. You’ll get specialist assistance alongside reporting. A human touch that sets this brand apart!


Multivariate Testing with Convert:

A multivariate testing tool that boasts clients such as UNICEF and Sony. After sampling their free trial, you may be a convert yourself!

While these guys offer the full gamut of testing options that you would find on the previous multivariate testing tools, they also offer multipage experimenting, so you can make alterations across your site to optimize your entire funnel!

Another point of difference is their dedication to strict data protection, customer support and error proof testing. Their “blink free testing” ensures that data is never missed out during processing time and gives you the best results possible.

Lastly, as of 2018, their company was labelled as a 100x carbon positive firm, moving their operation to a carbon neutral environment. This is by far their best differentiator (in our opinion anyway).


Maximized Campaigns with MAXYMISER:

If you’re already well acquainted with the Oracle Marketing cloud, Maxymiser might be the option for you. Lauded as the leader of the “multivariate testing tool pack” at present, this cloud-based system allows for greater personalization and offer more sophisticated tools than many of its counterparts. Being part of the Oracle group now means it can be integrated to sibling platforms and vice versa. With that in mind however, it will cost you that much extra.

With more sophisticated software, this system is great for enterprise companies after big data analysis that gives companies the extra edge. Some of its features include mobile and app optimization, customer insight data and greater content personalization. You get what you pay for.


Adobe Target:

Yes, this bad boy is part of the Adobe cloud suite made popular by their design products including Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. Now they offer a Multivariate testing tool that allows for micro-tests and is making headway with large ecommerce sites, particularly due to the option to use pre-set rules, such as visitor location and other metrics you get to choose.

With the high level of segmentation that accompanies the testing, which would be a good option for companies who need a high degree of customization and detail in their testing.

You can watch the brand’s educational video here to see how they use Target for their multivariate testing.


In Conclusion… 

We could offer a plethora of tools that would allow for multivariate testing, but the key to choosing the right one is in determining your business goals beforehand as well as determining If you have the appropriate funds to invest in the best of the best, or something simple for the time being.

However, no matter what you choose, you’ll have to make sure that you, or your digital marketing agency is taking the next step in testing assets. A/B testing is “best practice” but the BEST PRACTICE is in multivariate testing as it’ll optimize your time and brain power.

For more details on testing tools that will best suit your work, of digital experts. WE can further demystify the whole process for you and get you started on how to analyze your campaigns for future success.