How To Use Video to Market Your Business In 2019

How To Use Video to Market Your Business In 2019

Thinking of investing in video, but not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge?

Well you’d better get your trunks on because here are some stats that’ll put things into perspective.

Did you know…

With so much successful content being video, not including some in your marketing plan is like swimming a relay with a broken leg, which you could totally do. Worst case scenario, you drown. Best case? You make some distance but never place.


How Do You Use Video Marketing to Market your Business?

Here are our 5 key uses that’ll help market your enterprise and get it the kind of visibility you’re after!


Boosting Brand Awareness

There’s no better way than getting your brand in people’s minds than by using video.

Psychological studies have even shown that the more a brand is associated with a particular need, the more likely your brand will be approached/purchased as a solution.

Brand awareness is exactly just that, bringing people full awareness of your brand. Some people may argue that investing in this is futile as it’s impossible to determine the ROI for how often you’re in a customer’s mind. However, we think it’s crucial. There are plenty of ways that effectiveness can be ascertained, such as through web traffic and surveys. You can find out more about these methods here.  

When it all comes to a head, unless your brand is known, no one will know about what you have to offer. Brand awareness is necessary, and what better way to get yourself out there than with video footage; the content medium of choice that’s proving to be every marketer's weapon of choice.


Perfecting Your Branding

This is different from brand awareness. Perfecting your brand with video focuses on creating your brand's identity. It’s about capturing your brand’s personality and tone of voice in order to show who you are.

Be sure to use your videos to showcase exactly who you are to the benefit of your company’s PR. By using your allotted colour scheme, logos and existing assets you can create a video that shows off who you are and what you’re all about.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating an “explainer video” which is exactly that. This format of the video is an excellent way of helping viewers get a better idea of what you do, familiarising them with your ability to assist them.

Every good explainer video should be emotionally evocative and connects with viewers. Ironically the video piece isn’t about you, but about your viewers (and how you can help).


Note: With so much flexibility to exhibit your personality, be sure to take advantage of all existing video platforms at your disposal. For example, YouTube is a must, while Facebook and Instagram are also useful. We particular love using our Facebook headers as a means of showcasing our company culture. Every avenue counts!


Preparing for a release

If you’re just starting up and are keen to release your new product or services, videos ads are the way to go. YouTube videos, as well as video ads, are an excellent way of creating awareness of your offering prior to your launch.

If your video can capture the attention of your viewers within the first few seconds of play, you can show them how great you really are and remain in their minds for the rest of the day. Keep the footage interesting and tasty enough to pique their interest from the get-go.

Your strategy can also include the ever-popular how-to and help video. Ads will get your name out there, but helpful content will keep people coming back for more. You can create anticipation by answering commonly searched queries that pertain to your industry, with a branded video. Once you’ve provided a solution to a potential customer’s pain-point, they’ll be keener to see what else you can provide them prior to your release.

An example of an exceptional how-to created was this piece on AI by Hubspot. They offer AI as one of their services and noticed that people were wanting to find out more about AI entails. Check out their video below.


Consider a Vlog or Web Series

If you’ve secured ads and how-to videos, you may want to consider creating a vlog or web-series to supplement your efforts.

Vlogs and web series don’t have to be Hollywood scale productions. You can invest in a series that gets the main message across with a small budget. The key is to add value to the lives of whoever’s watching.

For example, if you’re an electrician, you can create a series on the latest lighting innovations in sustainable energy. If you’re a fashion retailer, your series can cover topics like how to accessorise or upcycle older items. Whatever your industry, there are plenty of ways you can create content that pertains to your work.

Note: A great way to gain inspiration for your vlogs is by engaging with your SEO specialist to determine common search queries connected to your area of expertise. This way you won’t be creating content out of the blue, but will be using existing data to inform your decisions to get you better returns for your output. 

These are only a few examples of how video can help you market your brand powerfully. It’s important to be creative, stay true to your brand and try new things! However, the true driving force behind your video content will be the strategy utilised to make the most of your efforts. Once you’ve mastered a great strategy backed by careful research and optimisation you’ll see the fruits of your efforts.

Get in touch with the team here at Impressive for more details on how to effectively market your business through the power of video!